The relationship isn't really going anywhere... but he seems to think it is more serious than it is. (Really, sometimes we don't even meet up for ages, or even speak on the phone - and it's not like it's long distance! But he seems to think it is going well...) I phoned him and did the whole serious "we need to talk thing" and arranged to meet up. I think talking over the phone is not that great because we can assume that the other person gets what we mean - but they really don't! From the tone of the call, I thought he might realise that I wasn't too happy about things, but at the end of the call he said he would be really excited to see me. I feel like crap about this (especially after that last comment), but we just aren't right for each other and I don't want to continue having a "relationship" with him. The last time we met up he said some very immature things about relationships and women, and I really can't see a future with someone who thinks like this. We are meeting tomorrow, so I guess I am going to have to do it then. I feel a bit sick every time I think about it :( I know he will be sad and angry, but I think we can both find people who are more suited to each of us.

Hugs to anyone else going through this. It sucks when the other person ends a relationship, but it is also really awful to have to go ahead and end it too :(
Damisela Damisela
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I wonder why guys cant feel when a relationship is changing already, i also got an issue like that with my bf and I said to him that we have a problem, we need to talk, but he keep on saying that there's nothing wrong with our relationship. But we seldom text and talk on the phone even we are in a long distance relationship.. Hugs for you :((

Hi, I just saw your message now. Thanks for your reply and for your support :) Hope things are going better for you now with the issues with your bf.

lol.. well, im 3 months single sad to say things didn't get better :) but its ok.. im happy now :)

Sorry to hear things didn't get better, but I am glad to hear that you are happy now :)