I Want To Learn More About Wolves

I found this and I was startled by what it said...


Subspecies: occidentalis

Contains most of the Alaskan and western Canadian species. Includes:

Canis lupus alces (Kenai Peninsula Wolf-EXTINCT)

Canis lupus columbianus (British Columbian Wolf-ENDANGERED)

Canis lupus griseoalbus (Manitoba Wolf-PRESUMED EXTINCT?)

Canis lupus makenzii (Mackenzie Tundra Wolf-ENDANGERED)

Canis lupus occidentalis (Mackenzie Valley Wolf)

Canis lupus pambasileus (Interior Alaskan Wolf)

Canis lupus tundrarum (Alaska Tundra Wolf)

Subspecies: nubilus

Contains most of the SE Alaskan, central and northeastern Canadian and western U.S. species. Includes:

Canis lupus beothucus (Newfoundland Wolf-EXTINCT)

Canis lupus crassodon (Vancouver Island Wolf-ENDANGERED)

Canis lupus fuscus (Cascade Mountains Wolf-EXTINCT)

Canis lupus hudsonicus (Hudson Bay Wolf-ENDANGERED)

Canis lupus irremotus (Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf-EXTINCT)

Canis lupus labradorius (Labrador Wolf-ENDANGERED)

Canis lupus ligoni (Alexander Archipelago Wolf)

Canis lupus lycaon [of Minnesota] (Eastern Timber Wolf-Federal Status: ENDANGERED, Wisconsin status: Threatened)

Canis lupus manningi (Baffin Island Tundra Wolf-ENDANGERED)

Canis lupus nubilus (Great Plains Wolf/ Buffalo Wolf-EXTINCT*)

Canis lupus youngi (Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf-EXTINCT)"



What are we doing? Why are we killing off the wolves? We know better! I am kind of in shock, because I have always been aware of the cause of saving them, but never looked into it. I can not say that saving wolves is something I have ever actively tried to do. It's almost too real, it's not like saying I am against war, which is sort of ethereal, because there is only so much I can do to help stop these wars, to actively take part, but saving wolves? That should be easy, people just have to stop killing them, now! It's as simple as that.

I want to help, and I think people should be more aware of this, and other native species to North America that are being wiped out for the almighty dollar. I want to try to learn more about their plight, and their fate is in our hands, the humans who would save them, instead of kill them.

Live and let live.

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3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

True, unlimited, so true, and sad...<br />
...we humans are wrecking the family of earth, we are so selfish and blind.<br />
If the animals were smart enough they would rise up and kill us!<br />
I know that wolves are only one of the creatures we have decimated on this planet. If we went into the list of living things destroyed just yesterday, I would probably go into deep dark depression. Corporations and greedy ranchers have helped destroy too many animals that keep the balance. How can we stop them?<br />
Humans are too centralized, for business' sake. Cities are a blight on this planet and create unlivable spaces for most of earth's creatures. Sure they can adapt, but they won't evolve further, they will die off in the places we inhabit so thickly.<br />
Except maybe the cockroaches, flies, and rats, who thrive on our garbage!

She is really a Palin in the a88. For people, and animals. Killing from afar is easier, that's what is sad about technology today, we use it to kill instead of save. Shame on us for not letting more game be preserved for its natural predators.

No one seems to care about real wolves, just about pretending to BE one...well, except MusicMouse, who has done plenty for wolves, real wolves...why don't people care? I guess it is the same as I felt the other day, everyone thinks everyone else will take care of these things, and not let them go extinct, but, it is nearly too late...<br />
...something has to happen soon or they will ALL be gone...<br />
It's MAN vs WOLF in the fight for the fittest? No, of course we are more fit to survive. But are we so selfish we won't share some elk, rabbits, moose, sheep, cows, and deer with them? We have plenty!<br />
Wow, it is astounding how greedy we can be as a species, and how deadly.