Do I Keep Trying???????

We were having problems finding the time and energy for sex so I investigated "lifestyle" clubs and websites.  My wife is one of those, do it first and ask permission later, so I tried it her way.  She made a couple of phone calls, but she really wasn't interested in hooking up with anyone so we dropped it. Then I found a couple of "lifestyle" clubs tp take her to.  I told her that she never had to do anything she didn't want to.  The problem was she would want to do something, did it, and then regretted it.  Wanna guess who got the blame

She is now in charge of bringing excitement and adventure to our marriage.  I had tried and failed.  I don't usually give up, but this time I am defeated.

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Most of the time we had fun and if she got bummed out we just went home. I would usually start with her in some "group" room and end up swapping, but she always said yea or nay.

Did YOU enjoy your experience at the club? Did you get to watch her or were you "otherwise occupied"?

Seems to have been the smart move on my part