White Linen ...

The flight was on time and he was waiting in the arrivals lounge. The airport was busy but in his head he was alone, his eyes fixed, waiting patiently for a first glimpse of her.

Suddenly she was walking towards him. He hadn't seen her for months and for a moment he was taken aback at the sudden rush of desire of he felt for her. She was wearing a simple white linen dress which emphasized her light tan skin and the neckline was cut low enough to reveal an ample cleavage. Her breasts moved as she walked, her high heels making her hips sway as if in tune to some seductive rhythm playing inside her own head.

As she approached him she smiled a broad open smile. She reached out her hand to him and he grasped it feeling the cool of her palm. Their fingers locked together and a shiver ran through him and she stood close and brushed her lips against his cheek.

He could feel the warmth of her body reach through his own clothes and he put an arm around her waist to gently pull her closer.

He felt her breath against his ear and she put her arm around his shoulder, resting her hand at the back of his neck.

"Hi darling ... " she said in such a soft, low tone it was as if she'd stroked the erection which was now making itself known behind the zipper of his pants. He ran his hand over the curve of her hip and back to rest at her waist again. "You know I'm naked under this dress...". She said it in a matter of fact, casual way but with a smile on her lips, knowing the power she had over him. He pressed her closer, just to be sure she could feel his growing appreciation and once more ran his hand over the swell of her behind, just to confirm her lack of underwear. He could feel her fingers run along the inside of the collar of his shirt.

"My car's this way ..." he replied, aware that his voice was raspy, his mouth suddenly dry. She smiled at him again and as her arm dropped down to her side she let the back of her hand rub slightly across the bulge in his pants. Another thrill of excitement ran through him and he gently guided her to walk beside him and to his car.

They headed to the indoor car park and where his car flashed and clicked as he unlocked it. In the grey half light of these still public, but momentarily private surroundings she leaned back against the passenger door as he stood in front of her. She lifted the hem of her dress to show him her naked body, her smooth thighs and bare shaved sex. She watched his face as he stepped back to look at her.

He couldn't help but drop to his knees. He had to taste her. A small bead of her juice had slipped from inside her and just hovered at the edge of her lips and he took it onto his tongue. The memory of her, of the lust and passion they had shared was suddenly there firing all his senses and he urgently pressed his mouth against her, his tongue probing as his fingers parted her to allow him to suck on her delicate flesh. He could feel her body quivering, knowing that she needed this as much as he did.

A sudden car door slam echoed across the cavernous space reminding them both that they were not alone. He stood again and she dropped the hem of her dress. He watched the rise and fall of her breasts for a moment, she was breathing hard, her eyes glassy and her mouth open. He kissed her and as he did so she took his tongue into her mouth and for a few moments they shared the taste of her excitement and of her need.

"Come on ... let's go to the hotel" he said, knowing that the sooner he took her to bed, the better. He could think of nothing but burying his erection in her hot welcoming body in the certain knowledge that she had the exact same thought in her mind too. He held the passenger door open for her and she slid into the seat. He walked to the rear of the car and opened the back to put her bag inside. Just before opening the driver's door he stopped and breathed the scent of her, still on his fingers of course and felt an appreciative tingle in the pit of his stomach. He took a deep breath and opened the car door, the thought went through his mind that he should take a country road and stop to **** her in the car.

He sat behind the wheel and looked over at her. "Are you OK?" he asked and she smiled back at him.

"Yes, let's go .... " she laughed. "and step on it ... "
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LOL @ judderbunny!

Stumbling back to my feet - I am rushing to page two

thanks so much josie ... you're so kind hon. <br />
<br />
thank you nudy ... get up off your knees and read Part 2 ... haha

thanks m2bf ... I'm really glad you liked it.

This technique could make the book a best seller for years to come. But that might keep you away from your real work, Aphrodite!<br />
<br />
But, I would publicize your book for you. I always enjoy being around successful intelligent women.

:) Giggles because I had a strange feeling and looked at the title of the group <strong>just as I started</strong> to read the story... excellent job there! Awesome story as well. You really capture the erotic tension as well... STEP ON IT! LOL I loved it. Thanks.

oh yes ... very important mtvlm... very important indeed ...

Oh I will take any inspiration that I can get, need to keep it fresh you know.... *wink*

haha ... Josie I'll let you be my publicist ... thanks .. glad you enjoyed the story.

It is so nice that you share from your personal diary. The Aphrodite of the modern world, that's you.<br />
<br />
Publishing your life works in vignettes here is good. Will Amazon or Barnes & Noble have the best selling hardback, 'The Life and Loves of WomanInBliss'?<br />
<br />

LOL@mtvlm ... I'm sure you don't need anyone's stories to provide inspiration ... but thanks anyway.

Inspiration you do provide WIB and she will be the lucky benefactor for it...

glad to provide some inspiration ... ;-)

Very hot WIB.... Got me thinking about the next time I go to see my special someone... Hehehehe....

thanks pix.

OH WIB, another HOT one!!!!! hehehe!!!! Loved it! :-)

thanks hammerhead, glad you liked it.

thanks visualone ... follow up to *** later ... lol

well the story did its job then foreverjustme ... glad you liked it!

thanks cjpsf and ndd ... glad you found it uplifting!!

My heart is beating rapidly. You've aptly captured the depth of passion shared between two distant lovers when they meet once again. I have lived this and long to experience it again. Thank you for bringing it so forcefully into my mind. My day will be the better for it.

Great story. WiB your stories are so great and rising..........hehehe

good man!

HAHAHA!! Well, somethings glowing, heeheee!!!

is that a glow stick in your pocket now mizz? or are you just reading my story ??? lolol

hehe, I had a glow stick in my pocket last night.....we went to a party ;-)

hmmm ... now let me think ... LOL ... perhaps you have a pocket full of loose change?

yes I am mizz ... ;-)

Mmmm, the anticipation of what's to come, for the reunited lovers and for us...delicious :-) xxx<br />
hehe, hope you're working on the next instalment :-)

hehe ... thanks aal and dc ... I'm guessing there will be a continuation ... pretty soon in fact.

OK... cold shower time!

yes, I am aware of that ... hehe

you should be arrested,it was women like you that got us kicked out of eden