White Linen Part 2

She stood looking at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Other women were washing their hands or entering or leaving cubicles behind her. She wasn't paying any attention to them though, she was lost in thought and absently brushed her fringe from her forehead. She had just refreshed her make-up and changed her shoes. She had put the flat Birkenstocks in her bag exchanged them for the strappy, black high-heels.

She knew he'd be waiting for her in the arrivals lounge and she quickly ran her hands through her short, silver-blonde hair, satisfied that he wouldn't be able to resist her. She had been so hot, so horny for him for weeks ... she thought she'd explode if she didn't get to **** him very very soon. But luckily she knew he would be feeling the exact same way and that there was no doubt that he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off her for very long.

She gathered her bag together and, taking one last look in the mirror, wheeling her little cabin bag behind her, left the ladies bathroom and headed to the arrivals area, thankfully passing the crowds of people waiting on baggage at the carousels.

She stepped out into the arrivals hall and saw him immediately. She walked towards him and as she got closer her face broke into an open smile, even though she was trying to be cool, she just couldn't help herself and could feel a thrill of excitement rise inside her as she approached him.

She held out her hand to him and he took it, linking fingers and she immediately felt as if a wave of warm water had washed over her. She stood close to him and whispered "Hi darling" in his ear and she could feel the heat of his body radiate through his own clothes and beyond to her own skin. She loved the feel of the smooth shaved skin of his face against her cheek and she breathed the scent of him. She put her arm around his shoulder and put her hand on the back of his neck, just stroking inside the collar of his shirt.

She could feel that he was already aroused. Oh god ... she could just pull him onto one of the couches here in the arrivals hall and **** him there and then. She was so excited by just standing close to him she could hardly speak.

"You know I'm naked under this dress" she breathed in his ear. She was almost melting against him, she wanted him so badly, it had been so long.

They just stood close to each other for a few moments both aware that they were in a crowded public place. He ran his hand over her hip and rested at the small of her back pulling her close. She allowed her arm to drop to her side and she brushed the back of her hand discreetly across the bulge in his trousers. “My car’s this way” he said and guided her to walk towards the car park.

Her knees felt weak as she walked beside him, she just wanted to touch him and they walked close his hand just brushing hers. He took the keys from his pocket and unlocked the car as they approached it, the lights flashing momentarily and the locks clicking and coming alive.

She leaned back against the passenger door and he stood in front of her. She began to lift the hem of her dress to show herself to him. She was very wet and she knew that he would have to taste her. Sure enough he dropped to his knees and touched her slit with his tongue, slipping it inside. He parted her lips with his fingers and sucked on her swollen button, her legs almost giving way. She almost came there and then. A slamming car door somewhere across the carpark reminded them both they were still in a public place and he stood as she dropped the hem of her dress. His mouth was wet with her juice and he leaned against her and kissed her and she took his tongue into her mouth, her mind racing and her heart pounding, the taste of herself on him always made her wild. As he pressed against her she could feel the blood and excitement rush through her body.

“Let’s go to the hotel” he said and stepped back from her and opened the passenger door for her to get into the car. Once inside she was convinced she would make a wet patch at the seat of her white linen dress.

He sat in the driver’s seat and looked over at her. “Are you OK?”.

Yes ... I’m so hot for you right now I want to **** you right here in your car, in the car park ... is what she thought inside her head ...but she just smiled at him and said “Yes let’s go ... and step on it”.

As the car pulled away from the parking space she sat looking across at his profile, thinking about all the plans she had for their day together. As she did so, she reached down and undid her shoes to make herself comfortable for the drive. With mischief in her mind she put her bare foot up on the dashboard and let her other leg fall to one side. She knew of course that she had his attention, but his expression didn’t change and he drove on, just looking ahead, with a slight smile on his face.

She ran her hand up the inside of her thigh and felt just how wet she had become. He had almost made her climax back there in the car park and she knew now that it wouldn’t take much to finish what he had so beautifully started for her. She relaxed back against the leather seat and onto the headrest and closed her eyes. Her fingers slipped inside her slit and she rubbed, gently at first around her clitoris. She knew well how to tease herself and she shifted slightly in the seat as she immediately found her sensitive spot and massaged it, making her back arch. She parted her legs wide and began to stroke and slide along her flesh and slipped two fingers inside her hole feeling the slick walls of her vagina begin to throb and respond to her own touch.

She gasped as she felt her ****** rip through her and at that point the car stopped and she opened her eyes. They had pulled up at traffic lights on the slip road leading out from the airport. He looked over at her, and leaned across. She was disorientated for a moment and she blinked, her climax had been so intense that she took a moment to recover herself. She took her fingers from between her legs and slipped them into his mouth, looking deeply into his eyes. He sucked on her fingers for a moment and she leaned further towards him and began to kiss him, taking away her fingers and pulling his face nearer. She was lost and her head was swimming with her need and passion for him.

A sudden loud beeping from a car horn disturbed their embrace and a glance behind confirmed that a fellow road user was complaining that they were still sitting at the lights even thought they were green.

She sat back in the seat again and giggled. “I hope it isn’t too far ... “ she said and glanced down to see his erection straining behind his zipper. She laughed and reached over and patted it, soothing him. They pulled away from the lights and he briefly turned to her and smiled with a knowing glint in his eye.
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well that's really good to know alyss ... it makes the story-writing worthwhile!!

haha ... glad to hear that your husband will be the beneficiary!! thanks for commenting Alyss!!

yes, a nice sleep is what I need mizz ... none of that naughty stuff ... oh no .. not me...

hehe, yes we all need to come up for air! The aniticipation! Part 3 when you've had a nice lay....erm....down.....erm....you know what I mean!

haha .. well AAL ... I'm working on it ... but maybe tomorrow ... I need a breather! lol<br />
<br />
thanks judderbunny ... no, it definitely wasn't Mr. Magoo ... lol

And I thought it was Mr. Magoo stalling at the lights --- Dammit I want some

haha ... thanks ndd ... I can see airline websites getting busy soon ... seems to be giving everyone ideas ... ((hugs))

I love these two aspect stories as well! WiB.... you've made a rainy late afternoon much more interesting once again. <br />
Thanks<br />
Now.... I'll have to get busy on my airline reservations!

thanks southernman ... it was pretty intense for me doing the typing !! lol

WiB what a fabulous story, the desire was so intense, the passion so wonderful, and the lust so exciting.<br />
I loved the way you told from both his and her sides.

haha nudy ... off you go then ... don't do anything too dangerous though! We want you back in one piece!

haha thanks m2bf ... I think he'll be putting his foot firmly on the gas now ... he has his sights set on that hotel room at this stage... <br />
<br />
thank you northwalescouple ... glad you liked the stories!!

Sensual delights in Bliss! You got us so lost in the story and thought of a woman enjoying herself and sharing those sensuous and tasty fingers... that I forgot I was on the road! Yep ... would need the guy behind to tell us to move on! How far away is this hotel ... I'm afraid brushing his erection didn't soothe him and he may just have to pull over and give the struts a complete work out!

thanks for your comment visualone ... glad to provide a few memories!!

haha ... all characters are purely fictional and for entertainment purposes only ... but thanks polly!