White Linen Part 3

The white linen dress lay across the armchair where she had thrown it.  Her shoes on the floor nearby, his jacket, shirt, tie and underwear all there beside them where they had fallen. 

Within moments of entering the room he had pressed her against the closet door, kissing her roughly, running his hands over her body, feeling her nakedness beneath the dress, then lifting it by the hem and slipping his fingers inside her, making her knees buckle as she returned his kiss, the two of them hungry and urgently grasping at each other. 

She pushed him back towards the bed, they were laughing, aware of the frenzy of their joint need.  He lay back and she sat across his lap, feeling the bulge in his pants against her own naked heat.  She pulled the dress over her head, revealing her body to him and he reached to touch her breasts which were now standing, nipples dark and erect above him.

But now, an hour later, the laughter and high energy had subsided and been replaced by something subtle and more sensuous.  The two of them melted together, sweat pooled between her breasts, their breath slowed and steady now, their own rhythm, the soft moaning which came from her throat, urging him and calling his name.

The soft mid-morning light which bathed them ensured that no moment was hidden, no detail unseen.  The camera-lens of his mind’s eye prepared to capture her for both their pleasure, he knew how much she loved to perform for him.

“Pretend I’m the mirror at the foot of your bed darling ...” he encouraged.  She had invited him to watch her.  His camera could take her as she played, could preserve the moment when she came, would see her usually private actions imprinted on the camera lens and on his memory, piercing and clutching at his gut and his senses.

She was playful.  She lay in his arms and reached down to his softened ****, fascinated by its momentary innocence and sweetness as it lay against his body.  She moved closer to stroke it.  “Do you mind if I kiss it?”

He laughed as she didn’t wait for an answer.  She took it into the warmth and wet of her mouth, just licking and sucking gently.  As it grew and lengthened into the back of her throat, her tongue swirling and allowing her teeth to drag and bite softly around it ... she held it as it stood proud.  “It doesn’t look quite so sweet and innocent now does it?” she laughed.

She climbed over him and, as she rode him, the hardness of him making her wild, she’d taken his camera from the floor and given it to him to photograph their union, lifting herself so the camera could see his thick member buried half inside her, knowing that the image would fill and feed their dreams when they were apart. 

He just had to **** her.  He loved to **** her.  He had to climb inside her hot, welcoming body.  The way her face changed and her body quivered, shaking with the intensity of her climax, feeling the grip of her sex as she enfolded him when he pounded her.  He could lose himself in her heat and his senses reeled at the sticky sounds their bodies made as they ground together. 

Later that afternoon, the white linen dress still lay across the chair.  She was in the shower and he was retrieving his clothes as he was taking her to lunch.  He lifted the dress and held it against his cheek, breathing her perfume.  He could remember how he’d felt when he first saw her earlier that morning.  How he’d wanted her and the effect the dress had had, knowing she was naked beneath it.  He looked over at the tangled bedsheets, the duvet in a heap on the floor, the pillows scattered ... he smiled to himself at the memory of what they had shared and could feel his desire rise again at what delights were yet to come.

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lol @ Gr8white - **wink** !!

I've been asked that question before Gr8white ... and I could never reveal ... ahem ... **blush**

thankyou msshelly ...

and why would that be??? do share!!

You make me remember why I love wearing a mustash. :=D !

thank you funguy ... very glad to have given you the quivers!!!

thank you UnderEli ... your comments mean a lot. Thanks so much for your encouragement.<br />
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Relived and replayed, ManinBliss ... over and over in my mind darling.

"His camera could take her as she played, could preserve the moment when she came, would see her usually private actions imprinted on the camera lens and on his memory", and let me tell you what a glorious imprint they made, of passionate moments together, to be relived and replayed over and over...

Your writing shines in this story, WIB. I took this excerpt as its own story, not realizing, until I read the comments that followed, that it was part of a longer story. I think this stands very well on its own, however. The language is rich enough, and the descriptions so potent, that even if you had not known these characters before, the passion and affection they share for each other is real and convincing. I so appreciate both the vivid images your words portray -- very nicely done -- as well as what isn't said, allowing your audience to fill in the rest for themselves, which is the hallmark of a good writer, if you don't mind my saying so. Everyone's appreciation is obvious. Allow me to add my voice to the chorus of cheers. Good job!!

thanks coyote ... glad you found it pleasurable.

thanks mizz ... off you go to the shower again then ...

Ooooh, I've just had a shower, and now I need another one!! Very hot, I love the way the passion unfolded.....and as Josie says, it's hot in her, haha! xx

just sitting watching the world go by Ironman ... lol ... thanks

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you make me sigh,ya such a good looking woman

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thank god,it is only fiction........................................oh;me o;my

There's only one thing better than a 3D movie ... and that's being there!! Glad you enjoyed it DC.

Reading your stories are like watching a 3-D movie... but better!

thank you for commenting everyone ... the white linen dress seems to have been a winner.

Naked beneath white dresses do it for me every time! :)

Very hot story,....

Oh WIB.... So very hot and erotic... Delish....

OH WIB!!!!! Yummy as usual my dear!!!!! :-)

thanks for commenting nudydude and southernman ... cold showers all round ...

Very intense and very erotic.<br />
And on that note, I think I need a cold shower.<br />
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Thanks WiB for another great story :-)

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Glad I could make you smile my friend.<br />
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How do you know it was a typo? '-)

thanks cabman ... pleased you enjoyed it.

job done then ptman!! ((hugs))

Very erotic my dear, talking about bringing me to my knees. i need you to come help me up. lol

haha ... that's a great typo josie "it's hot in HER" ... lol ... thanks ... glad you enjoyed the follow up.

Whew!!!!! It's hot in her.<br />
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WIB, you are an true artist. Painting a picture that makes the heart beat faster and makes it warm in other places.<br />
<br />
You are good. Many of us want to thank you for sharing your experiences in life. '-)<br />
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You must surely be the modern Aphrodite.