I've always wanted to be able to pass along messages to those rude drivers out there.  I don't know what the best way would be.  Maybe one of those flashing banners on top of my car where I could type messages and send them up to it.  Like, "hey you big ugly jerk, are you really in such a hurry that you have to be 3 inches from my rear bumper at all times?"  I think maybe I should try to market this idea.  It would sell.
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Let me know when they're on the shelves!

yeah, I think it's most drivers dream to be able to do that....I like the flashing teleprompter idea where you could just type messages and it would rotate around the roof of your car so that people on all sides could read it....Imagine if all drivers had a loudspeaker, that would be sheer madness! husband has your same problem. there is some sort of telecom system, or something that you can buy for your car...this religious guy has one and and he is constantly preaching to everyone as he drives around. my husband has contemplated getting one of his own, so he can tell people to 'get the f-ck out of the way' when they are driving slow infront of him

haha, I like the "I brake for tailgaters" one....I do love to brake for tailgaters, they deserve it.<br />
<br />
It really is beyond my comprehension why people tailgate. My brother is a terrible tailgater and does it even with his family in the car, going 70 MPH down the interstate. He's a relatively normal, intelligent, well adjusted person....but god is he ever stupid LOL

I used to have a bumper sticker that said "I Have PMS And A Loaded Gun". How about a bumper sticker that says "I Brake For Tailgaters?" or "Hit Me, I'm A Lawyer?" I love bumperstickers...

Depending on where you live, this could get you shot real quick...I use to live in Dade County Florida, The war zone as we called it... perhaps you could use reverse psycology, like " Don't you just hate people who are in front of you going slow" or "why use the turn singal, chances are people around here don't know left from right anyway"or even "Ride your breaks I like the color Red" heres one near and dear to my heart..." please turn up your radio, mines not working" your such a nice guy!


Flashing neon across the back of your car, I CAN SEE YOU PICKING YOUR NOSE !

Awesome idea, if you ever played Spyhunter you are familiar with the oil slick behind you. I'd love to have that for the people that ride my bumper (that's my pet peeve). Just release the oil slick and watch them slide away LOL... (please note I don't actually wish violence on my fellow men, this is merely a hypothetical exercise)

I have been told that I might need to move "farther out into the country" because of my anxiety toward other drivers. I'm thinking of installing rocket launchers to my front bumper...that'll fix em.....

The check is in the mail, brutha, the check is in the mail.

Awesome, I'm taking orders now!! Just send me $10,000 and uhhh, yeah.....I'll start developing it! LOL

I'll be your first customer! LMAO!

i'd be all over one of those the minute it hit the market! i'm forever yelling at people, as they pass me, "good thing you got around me. i wasn't speeding already or anything. my God you were so f'g close you should have parked in my trunk!" but by the time i get it all out, they're gone. however ... guilty admission ... i'm a tailgater ... *sighs* :-( where i'm from, if there's so much as a cloud in the sky, doesn't even have to be a threat of rain or any other precipitation, people completely forget how to drive! they lose their f'g minds! argh!

Nice! I like that idea. I would definitaly buy one of those.<br />
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Have a wonderful day!

Thanks Emerald, I'll give that a shot...Apix you are too sweet, I've gotta be careful or these humans are gonna get to me...

Siddler,... I know what you mean. Sometimes the finger Just doesn't do it. I actually saw a banner at Spencer's (y'know that crazy store with random curios?) It was corny, though and yours sounds cool. It needs a device attached to make sure the driver isn't packing, ha ha.<br />
Until you get your patent, you could make mini picket signs and hold them out the window. lol. People are ***-holes, give them a vehicle and it's bound to be chaos. <br />
=) Have a good day-don't let the humans get you down.

Make a REAL statement! Put metal spikes on your bumper, and have a field day "testing out your brakes"! Ok... just a suggestion! =}