Maintain and Tie It Down

Share something that happened today that I am still on a slow burn about that I think others should heed and correct.

I was on my way to the airport this morning, it was twilight and I was going through a toll booth, (now my views on this toll booth are a different story that I can rant about but nothing will be done.)  When I came out of the toll booth and started to speed up to get back into traffic, I was looking behind me and then my lights shown on something, not even sure what it was, but I couldn't avoid it due to the vehicles on my left.  It damaged my front bumper and took out one front tire.

I know that I am not the only one that hit this peice of debris on the road this morning, I saw another person farther down the road that also got hit.  I was very upset and got the tire changed and still made my flight but now my truck is on a spare tire with a damaged bumper.

This is the second thing that I have hit with 2 different cars.  Road debris is unfortuatly one of those things, such as blown tires and rocks from gravel trucks or dripping stuff off of a truck, but if you drop something off your vehicle you better have the understanding that it fell off and to go back and get it ASAP.

I have come across people with poorly maintained cars and they spred debris all over the road and they don't care.  I think that the police should have the car impounded due to it being a saftey problem.

I have also come across amature landscapers, movers and such that don't spend the extra 10 minutes to tie down or secure their stuff in the trailer or on the back of their trucks, these people need to think of not only the stuff they loose but who else they put at risk or can turn someone elses day to crap because they are in a hurry or don't want to spend the extra 20 dollars for straps to hold their stuff down.

It is hard enough to deal with the amount of traffic and idiot drivers that are not paying attention already then to add in someones lazyness or carelessness in what they are carrying.

What do you think?

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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

LOL Chicago will never finish with the interstates! They have been repaired and repaved and rehauled. They always find more things to do! The streets will have to wait.

damn that's ******!

I've been to the Chicago area and I agree the pot holes are bad but if they would finish overhauling the interstates maybe they can get the roads done.

I agree with you. All the different crap laying on the road is dangerous. I watch people swerve to avoid the stuff and cut off other drivers. <br />
I live in the Chicago area, and the pot holes are just as dangerous. The city won't fix the pot holes, so why should they bother with the other stuff in the road?