With My Ep Girlfriends....heehee!!

We would build a great big pillow fort. Crawl inside, whisper, tell secrets, eat chocolate, tell stories, and fall asleep with smiles on our faces..... (Except for the first one to fall asleep, their bra would be in the freezer.Mahahaha)

I would get up extra early the next morning and cook them all breakfast. On the Menu...

  • Coffee Coffee Coffee
  • French Toast with all the fixings
  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Bagels
  • Cereal

Hopefully I'd have something for everyone.... =)) Then we'd all clean up the fort. Sit around and chat for a while longer because I wouldn't want to say goodbye........ :-( I'd feel better though, when they say "So, Everybody back for next weekend?" Mahahaha!!!

I love you all girls.... ;-)

   Teri xxoo

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

wynhaven that is alot of food!