My First Ho Layout

Hello everyone. Since I was 7 years old, I've wanted a model train layout. Couldn't buy it for myself as a child. Thought it was un-cool (but still wanted to as a teen). Wife, kids whole nine yards as an adult. On my 50th birthday I decided "I'm old enough to go for what I want!" and now have started putting it together.

I wanted to make my own town based on where I live (Philadelphia, Pa.). The town of course is BULLOCK. The date for my layout is 10/24/77 (I liked the 70's :). Well, I planned the layout. I built the 8'X4' table. I brought several trains sets from Ebay, Wal-Mart etc. I brought many buildings (most assembled) and accessories from EBay and hobby shops in my area. Now, I just have to make the time to get started! Shopping for small, inexpensive items is great fun for me. I have everything set up in my basement (it still drives my Wife crazy :) but this is my leisure! Got to go now, real life and my job are calling!



VincentBullock VincentBullock
1 Response Mar 22, 2009

It looks like this was posted about a year ago. Have you gotten any further?<br />
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I started building my fourth layout about two years ago and the benchwork is less than half finished. I still find myself buying stuff I don't need, but it's so much fun.<br />
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Anyway, just thought I'd ask about your progress.