And Use It To Rule The World!

This idea assumes that the universe possesses a branching timeline, as defined by Tailsteak's "Time Travel Etiquette). The plan is simple, gather all the scientific, engineering, cultural, and financial information one can find (along with massive amounts of data storage devices and the equipment needed to keep them running and usable), then jump into the future and repeat the process. Once one possesses this information, one can jump back to before their starting point and take advantage of it to amass a spectacularly massive fortune (short selling millions of dollars in stocks on October 28, 1929, anyone?) and use that fortune to dominate the world in the manner of their choosing, while inventing (and profiting from) all the creature comforts left behind in one's starting time. The best part is, if you invent the first time machine yourself, you can prevent anyone else from undoing your work, all you'd have to do is stage a massive, well-publicized 'experiment' into one of the key technologies and make sure it fails spectacularly, repeating every five to ten years or so to make sure everyone thinks it's hopeless.

Yes, I have devoted way too much thought to this throughout my life and this is still the best I've come up with. What can I say? I fail at evil overlording ;)
GilHolzfaller GilHolzfaller
22-25, M
Dec 16, 2012