By The End Of This Week, I Will Know!

I have found the perfect piece of land, I have turned over my floor plan and desires to the builder - he will let me know by Friday for sure if we can have this all done in our price range.... but is pretty sure we can!

I am so excited, I can't wait!  He said it'll take about 4 months to build, so by February of 2013 - I can be living in the home I've always wanted.

I suppose if for some reason it falls through, I will just have to wait another year or three until we have a little more money to put forth - but someday, I WILL have this house!
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It is Spring... we have found our land (4.33 acres, so much nicer than the land we missed out on last year - so glad that didn't work out now!) The contract is ratified, we settle in May - My house is on the market and the plans are in process....

So nervous, and happy!

House hunting going happily in hand?

Ugh no... turned into a disaster, thanks to a failed septic inspection and a $14,000 repair. Had to give up my land contract :o(

Although, we have things working out, buying another place.... just not really my dream home. That'll have to wait a few more years.

Yes, we bought a rancher on an acre of land in a nice area, its got a two car garage, a big storage building and a full basement. My husband loves it here, I am happy too... but it's not my dream home. Moving was such a pain in the butt though, unless I'm rich enough to pay someone else to pack, move it and unpack I think I'll retire here. LOL

That is really great do you have a picture of the style of house you want to build?? Would love to see it!

That one didn't work out... have moved on to plan B! Gonna make an offer on a different piece of land, will build in the Spring. Will find out end of next week if they take our offer now!

I hope that they will!

You will have to keep use up to date as things happen. I am very excited for you!

Still no answer and it's Saturday! I am so impatient, he did email to tell me he had called the lumber company yesterday and told them he needed an answer ASAP