Maya Codices Burned By Christian Zealots July 12, 1562

Being interested in Science and Archaeology about the Mayan Ruins in Yucatan, Quintana, Campeche, Belize and Guatemala. The History I heard of says: July 12, 1562, Fray Diego de Landa as acting Bishop and others that where trying to Spread their Pretentious Belief's in Cathicalical Christianity. Really got despising other Cultures with it all. So they went into this New Territory and Disliking the Culture. Tried ran sacking everyone's of the Maya people what they had written down for themselves and had it all destroyed and burned. So now, does that still justify Christianity and putting everything they believe in such a crocked book as they still like to believe in? While the Christian Bible to me is a Hoax. Maybe the Mayan Codices where genuine and true. They are destroyed and Archaeologist don't know much about the Mayan and what December 12, 2012 really means that where probably in these Maya Codices. The year 1562 from 2012 is = 450 years.  Some how Archaeologist looking at the Mayan Calendar has noted 450 years or 225 years (I can't remember) but the year 1562 was also a Predict Year for the Mayan when Frat Diego de Landa Bishop came to Yucatan at the time and did his invasion. So that is why 2012 to me does have significance. I think 2012 will be a time of disturbance for the world. Maybe not the End, but not really a time many will find so great either.

I would try to plan on trying to survive in 2013, then in the modern ways. We would have probably have more truthful answers in life, if there was justice done by this. The real stuff that is messing this world up seems to stand guarded, while to me the real stuff has been destroyed. I think it's fair for the Bible to be Burned. It deserves proper judgment for doing this hideous crime with the Maya Culture. I like to see the Bible Burned for Revenge and Justice.

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"The man who made the internet"? The internet was first developed to be used by the US military, as was the first computer that was ever built. Computers became popular as has the internet, they simply exploded outside the military realm into the civilan one.
The catholic church is simply a con artist. but that does not mean Jesus is. Everybody knows that the Mayan calendar presumably stopped with the year 2012 being the last year ever of our time. Those who researched it thought it predicted the end of the world. Others, outside of that also did predict the end of the world during the same year. Some did for may 2012, some did for December 2012. But as far as the 'cunningness' of the bible. The following is what it says in that regard: " “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Matthew 24:36 . King Jesus is The One Who was quoted saying that!!! This much checked so far. When it comes to those who slaughter innocent people in the name of Jesus, again the following is what the bible says about them ""The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'" Matthew 25:40 He meant that in good as well as in bad. Also, Luke 17:2 talks about how bad He has it for those that would entice His children to sin. And the children of Jesus transcend Christianity as Romans 2:14 HIGHLIGHTS. You, Christian or no,t ARE the Children of Jesus! the List of the verses in the bible that pass the test goes on and on and on. Read your bibles people. Everything is in there. As a convert to Christianity myself, every now and then I run into something that constitute a discrepancy. 'At first, I used to think "Ha!gotcha!" each time I run into one. but now after all that I have been show by Christ, I know it's due to an error in translation or that some dumb rabbi or priest needed to add his stupid evil spice by mis-construing what was initially intended to be said, etc. I no longer blame the bible for that error. And you need to do the same.
The bible is the word of God and Jesus is the bible as John 1:14 illustrates.
The best advice I can give any of you is this: Do not look up to the catholic church or any other church as your model or as a righteous representative of God's business They are nothing but jokes and fraudulent businesses. I say Go after Jesus on your own. Look for Him and ardently seek Him because He is worth seeking and worthy to be found. Jeremiah 29:13 says "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.". I can testify that that verse is True along with others.

To all those that accuse Jesus of being a Fraud, Isay "accuse me of being a fraud too because that will be The Compliment of all compliments as I know He is not and He is Real-er and more Authentic than Humanity in its entirety.
...In His Name I Testify,
PS: just think of how the back then church treated Jesus Himself. You think you are going to be treated any different?!?! John 13:16 says "Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him."
In a really spooky way, this is how things are supposed to be.

None of us were there when that happened in 1562, and given that the self-appointed scourge who believe we all are their slaves, fabricate stories by the minute, we shouldn't bother regurgitating their story about everything being destroyed, because the odds are likely it's just another lie!<br />
<br />
When you look into who the architects of the KJV Bible were, you would not be wrong if you dismissed it as just another book of lies used to enslave a weak inferior animal!

I agree

Did the same Christian people who hurt others also write The Bible ?

No !

Why throw The Bible and All Christians under the bus

It perpetuates hate

You and I where not born during the Civil War in the USA, should black people hate us for being white and blame us for what happened before our time ?

No !

But maybe You and Your Ancestors are raised to hold grudges and perpetuate hate ? I bet You have a bumper sticker on Your car that reads your against war when you have HATE in your HEART NOT LOVE ! Sorry You weren't hugged enough growing up !

Spanish conquistadors were responsible for by far for the single most horrifying act of genocide in history. Setting us back hundreds, if not thousands of years in arithmetic& astrology. Way to go catholicism. Give yourselves a round of applause. ******.

From all of Christianity, Muslims and many other Culture's around the world to where we see the Mayan's, Aztecs, Incas and Asian's. I believe the world is deceived by Ancient Extraterrestrial Aliens, by Dragon Crafts. They gave the Mayan's this Calendar. (Is what I believe in.). Their ships are like Dragons. I think Christianity and Muslims and some other's have too much Ego and Arrogance about all the Truths that come from the Sky.

I don't usually look at things like the Mayan Calendar, but for 2 years have been fascinated as it has been coinciding with the collapse building to the breaking point.<br />
Jenn 2 years ago, then Michele 9 months ago, apprised me of the two dates involved, not just December 21, 2012, but also the date October 28, 2011.<br />
Saw a 34 minute interview with supposedly penultimate authority on the Calendar, and cancer researcher, that has studied it all his life. Very intelligent, and he says it is the October date that is tthe one of significanced. Hmmm.<br />
Europe is on the brink as I write. <br />
:- ) Might not have to wait the next 14 months, for the sweet deliverance.