I Love Licking

I love licking another girl, starting out kissing her, our tongues touching, then licking down her neck to her breasts, licking her nipple, feeling her breathing, do to her bellybutton, circling my tongue in her bellybutton, feeling her tummy sink in, then licking her ***** slowly and when she lifts her hips, licking her ****.....and her doing the same to me
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7 Responses May 22, 2012

I have a real passion for younger girls. if you like older women honey, say hello sometime, id love to play online with you. xx

You can lick my **** anytime. Wish you would!

hmmmm.We have the same in comon . I like to do the same to women.

i like that^^

i like that

wow. love this desc<x>ription of licking *****. thanx for sharing. xx

***** is my canvas. My tongue is the brush.