I Want My Own Place!

I currently live in a house share and have been for about the past 2 years and I do really like it.  A lot of my friends who are my age still live at home with their parents and I don't understand why they are not eager to move out, I love the independence and freedom.  But now I am starting to crave my own place and I know that I will get that in time - my job will become more secure, I will earn more and my deposit will get bigger!  but I want it now!

I know that I cannot do it now but it is something I will do in the next couple years!

I drift between wanting my own place and spending ages looking through property sites at possible first time homes that I would be able to afford.  I want to live on my own and how everything exactly how I want it, to decorate, to walk around naked at 4 in the morning, to make a mess and worry about it later, to choose all the furnishings.  I am looking at flats at the moment because I want to feel safe living on my own and I don't need anything to big, I'd really like a loft flat with velux windows and a kitchen where you can fit all the appliances.

On the other hand I want freedom and do not want to be bogged down by a mortgage.  I want the freedom to get up and leave whenever I want, I want the possibility of moving abroad to be there and I don't want to get stuck in a lifestyle.  I like my job and that is great but I would hate to get stuck in a position where I cannot leave a job because I have a mortgage to pay.

Watch this space .......

eelarc eelarc
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

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I just noticed your story. Have you gotten your place yet? There are ways to help you get one if you haven't yet. Let us know how you are doing. :)