Generational Gang Stalking....a Family Terrorized

Hello.  This is my first time speaking out in public about my families bizarre experiences, that I only began to understand about three years ago when I accidentally came across the subject of gang stalking.  I was able to finally attach a name to what my family and myself had experienced, experiences that we are still going through. 

How many more people like me are just sitting back, reading forums, researching but not telling their stories?  How wide spread is this and how much farther will it go?  I have been researching gang stalking for three years now, in an effort to make sense of the bizarre events that have unfolded over a 60 year span in our family.  I have so far tracked my families history back to where and when all the woo woo stuff most likely began and possibly why our family had been targeted to begin with.   My grandfather (we will call him Jim) had been Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard assistant at the Naval Engineering Experiment Station at Annapolis, Maryland in the early 1940's.  Dr. Goddard, a Ph.D physics graduate from Clark Universtiy, going on to become the worlds founder and pioneer of the United States rocketry science, had opened up the door to future space exploration and to modern aerospace industry.   Goddard worked for 12 years in Roswell, New Mexico, in secrecy and in seclusion I might add and as I am sure you can surmise, just as I can, what science they had been working on there.  "The Goddard Space Flight Center, a NASA facility in Maryland, was established in 1959. The crater Goddard on the Moon is also named in his honor.[99] Source; 

My grandfather moved on from Navel engineering to work for General Motors Corp.  He continued to design and invent becoming one of their most influential and recognized employee's for his designs.  Jim's son, my father, inherited his dad's intelligence and creativity, going on to become an inventor himself.  Years later after my dad died, 2010, is only when I found out from a family relative that my dad had invented directly for NASA.  I had known he had invented 4 energy related inventions and had seen his drafting pictures of the designs but was in the dark about his secret ties to NASA.  I should also note that my dad was an activist, who had also belonged to green peace as well as many other, unknown to me, groups. Growing up watching my dad suffer from being tormented by unknown "who's" following him and doing your typical gang stalking tactics, had been very sad for me. I saw it, our whole entire family saw and witnesses it.  At first when I was a child, say around 9 or 10, I had really thought from a child's perspective that he was in fact just crazy but as I grew older I actually payed attention and to my amazement there was something really going on and what was going on around us was truly scary.  Who ever really is behind organized stalking tactics had, in later years, successfully isolated and confined him to his own home, as a prisoner.  Since I had witnessed these events unfold since early childhood (early 70's), I have a very unique perspective on the gang stalking scene, not to mention that I am a living witness that gang stalking has indeed been going on a lot longer than most people know. 

STOP> I will continue to write on here once a week due to my busy schedule of my online business, family life and college.  Feel free to post questions or comments. Follow me here next week for more...Thank you and have a great week~Lily  

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Our daughter was stalked, terrorized and killed this past December 2nd. She was 20 years old. Her stalker (we know who he is) had other people trying to set up alibis for him, spread rumors for him, etc. as he is a very intelligent sociopath. People do believe others and are gullible, especially when someone is very believable. You can read about our daughter's story at <br />
I believe in your case it is someone in the government (and anyone can be a sociopath without a conscious) and he was able to put your family on some government watch list. I am so sorry for you- I believe the truth always comes out if you never give just takes a while (sometimes many years).