This group was a reaction one morning to the fact that a few of us wanted to buy books, but did not want to at the same time buy them over books.

It is the idea that you either have this choice to feed your intellect or appear well. Why can't women do both?  This feeds into a stereotype that needs to be diminished. 

If I take care in my appearance at work, when I wear the make-up properly with the co-ordinating jewellery and the skirt and top that match under a jacket, I don't get taken as seriously as if I turn up in what i found last thing this morning and with running around everywhere but my head, hair.

As it is assumed, if we take care of how we look, we have no other substance, that all our energy and thoughts have gone into that for the day.

So I continue to buy both books and clothes.

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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

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