Far Out, Man!

I absolutely love VW Camper vans. If ever I won a huge amount of money or inherited from a very rich aunt I don't know about, buying a hippie style Camper van would be high on my list of things I'd love to do. The Camper van would be a really cool colour like purple or lime green and it would be painted with flowers, ban the bomb signs and smiley faces in all the colours of the rainbow.
Naturally my Husband would be at the side of me and we would drive around the country stopping off at various hospitals and hospices to give toys to sick kids. There would be a sign in the back of the Camper van that read something like "Don't bother knockin' if this Vans a rockin'"
I find the whole hippie movement really fascinating and would have loved to have been there at Woodstock myself. Spreading peace and love is appealing as is sexual revolution with the right person, but I'd probably give the LSD a miss though! :o)
I have an ornamental Camper van that sits in my bedroom window sill. It is a symbol of my dreams which I refuse to accept are a waste of time. Keep dreaming the dream, I say....
RobertaSunset RobertaSunset
36-40, F
Jul 13, 2010