This is really no different from any other day for me.  I love shoes and if I could I would buy at least one new pair every day of my life lol.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Sneakers... CASUAL <br />
<br />
Nearly "KNEE IN HEIGHT" BOOTS WITH A LOW HEEL to them... Comfort... <br />
<br />
A FEW STYLES of "OTHER SHOE" wear... I prefer to Be particular...<br />
<br />
Various SANDAL types... MUST BE WITH GOOD SOLES like all others... <br />
<br />
AND... some styles of MY OWN too... someday... to establish BETTER FOOTWEAR... <br />
which WILL enhance OVERALL HEALTH... <br />
<br />
that... and T-shirts... to BRING MORE Laughter and FUN to the ENTIRE UNIVERSE...<br />
<br />
and with ~A, at My side... forever... Love is A GIFT and HONOR

Here is the thing. . . I hate shopping for things other than shoes. If I had unlimited money I would pay someone to shop for all my clothes except my shoes. I love the way it feels to try on a new pair. You are sitting there in your skirt when usually a man is putting the shoe on your foot and you know he is dying to touch your calf but scared as hell he will offend you lol. I love the smell of leather. I am sorry for the cow but I love the smell of the leather. I love the way I feel when I walk to that mirror across that carpeted floor. I love the way my toes feel the pinch of that new leather. I love the way it extends my arch just a little different from the pair I wore into the store. I love shoe shopping but you can have the rest of the shopping. I do kind of have a thing for sexy laptop bags too because I am weird and they have to match my suits and shoes.