Anyone Seen My Tent

I want to Camp at Yellowstone national park, one of Americas great frontiers; and hear the wolves howl at night. I want to lay a blanket and a pillow outside my tent and watch the stars all night!

I want to camp on the beach; to hear the waves sublime music as they crash on shore and rock me to sleep, while I nuzzle and cuddle my special someone.

I want to camp on top of a mountainside, with a nice camp fire burning down to the embers, as we drink wine and get lost in endless conversation.

Packing up and enjoying that simple pleasure, and the multitude of memories made. Could be father and son; husband and wife; boyfrienbd and girlfriend; mother and daughter; mother and son; nephew and uncle. We all have a taste for the joy it fills us with. Oh, and did I say... I want to go camping and watch birds and wildlife frolic.

Anyone seen my backpack? LOL

enjoythebeach enjoythebeach
46-50, M
Jul 14, 2010