You can can-can too! Shop rite has a can-can sale! Nope, that is not what I mean. I am not talking about Can-Can dancers. I am talking about the beautiful and necessary art of canning. I used to garden when I was little, and my Grandma has this big garden in her backyard with a long grapevine, and I would watch her pick and eat the grapes lol and so would I. She would have her mason Jars, and makes Jellies, Juice and Jams. From those humble beginnings to now at 24 years old, I see how vital canning is. I don't have a huge garden or alot of space where I live, but nothing is wrong with doing the research! Canning is an art form and takes precision and practice. I want to grow my own food and then dehydrate it and store it for years to come. For family, for friends or just myself. Imagine gorgeous tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles right at your fingertips or your green thumb! Heaven on Earth!!
GarnetRoses GarnetRoses
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2014