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I burnt my hand almost 2 weeks ago I did it on a hot metal pan handle the burn was quite bad but i immediately put it under the cold tap for 10 minutes. It was the worst pain that i had experienced! It was doing fine, it blistered up and the blister was going away I had to work on Saturday where i was working in hot conditions at a bakery, I had to wear a plastic glove over my hand incase it popped but it made my hand worse at the moment it is red raw and had increased in size, orange liquid keeps seeping out of it  and it smells vile, I am unsure of what to do I believe it may have popped but my skin is still on top of it, it is slightly painful and I have been putting savlon on it and left it to breath. HELP?!  
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Take care !

Here in Hawaii we use the gel from the Aloe cactus plant for burns. It has a natural antiseptic property in it and it helps to heal with little or no scarring. It also quickly seals the wound. It may seal the wound in a blackish color. <br />
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If you use your browser to search for information about burn wounds, you may find your answer to why your wound smells. <br />
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Its always best to see a doctor. You may even walk-in at an emergency clinic. You do not want it to get infected. You certainly do not to get gang green. Keep any open wound covered. There are too many different kinds of bad bacteria these days, like the flesh eating type. You would have know already if you had that. It eats away very quickly. If infection sets in, look out for a red line that travels upward. Thats the infection spreading to the heart. You do not want it to go there! <br />
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Your burn got worse because you exposed it to more heat, and your body filled it with more fluid in an attempt to help it. You also used your hand too much that moved the burn area too much and your blister broke. Blisters from burns do take longer to heal, yet two weeks is a long time for it to still be so raw. Its probably because you irritated it too much. Go to the doctor please.

You need to go to see doctor, I'm sure there are some med that can help it heal faster and reduce the pain

You needed to seek medical attention when the injury occurred. However, you did the right thing by cooling your hand but you needed to dress the wound in a burns dressing. It is common for thermal injuries to blister and if possible try to prevent the blister from bursting. <br />
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Unfortunately, you've gone beyond that advice. The Orange liquid from the blister is plasma. DO NOT leave it open to the elements as infection will set in now the blister has burst. Instead COVER the wound with a sterile, non-adherent dressing and if you wish cling-film wrap. Cling-film is very good for burns. DO NOT PUT ANY CREAMS OR LOTIONS on it as they are rarely sterile once opened. If infection has set in seek medical attention without delay. KEEP THE WOUND CLEAN.

Ok so I have washed it and put a sterile dressing on it, I have a question though. Why does it smell? It doesn't look infected just a little red and only hurts if i move it too much.