I Did Castrate Him

i fill kinda bad . I was playing around with the cattle bander the other night with some guy in baggy pants . I had him tied to the bed so he could not move and he dared me to . So i grabbed his sack opened the bander and pushed his nuts through the rubber bands . They where actually really hard to gt both balls in through the rubber bands. That is when he dared me to slip them off . He did not know i used 2 rubber bands . Well i got the bands slipped off . they where so tight turning purple . i wish i would have taken some photos . it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen . they changed color 3 times . he got so hard i had to jack him off . well he came for the last time because at this time i realized i had no way of cutting the bands off . So i got dressed and went out to try to buy something i could cut them off . well buy the time i got back it was to late his balls died . =) they were so purple , almost black by the time i got back . only 1 hour , I guess i should not of stopped at the hotel bar an the way back and have a drank . I guess i dont fill bad at all . thats what little gang bangers get =)
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Hi. I'm 13teen and I was wondering if someone could do this 2 me

Hi. I'm 13teen. I was wondering if someone could do this w me?? πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ

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my gf owns my balls . But if she knew how hard your story makes me.. I've always thought of it.. I wish it had been me...but all the women in my life should get to watch ..
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This Caning Was Part Of My Journey From Being Self-centered To Soul-cenetered
By: Me
Written on June 10th, 2013
Caned Bare Bottom Over A Bar Stool By A Female Friend!
By: Me
Written on September 11th, 2012

β€œWhat I so much love about the cane is how so totally and absolutely convincing it is!”


"Loving someone gives you courage. With Leah it gave me the courage to go through with this."


The problem is that no one can explain an experience so perfectly that everyone can feel it exactly as it happened.
I can only try.

When I was in the fourth grade in 1959, forty years before the incident I am reconstructing, when Mrs. Crick said, "one learns best through the hands," she was not referencing some educational theory, but the fact that she was prepared to give ten strokes of her standard school strap on each bare palm of the hand of any offender in her class.
Such did indeed happen on this occasion below, but more followed:

Do not try to hide the sparkle in your eyes

Every time you run

Your fingers over the rattan

It is a touch you will make a part of me!

PLEASE give me my grade on this poem and following essay as soon as you have read it!
Thank you:

I handed her the rattan.
"You want me to cane you?"
"Yes. You need a reason."
She hesitated a few moments thinking it over.
"Questioning my authority!"

Caning was still legal throughout my childhood, and I was horrified of it to the point where I wouldn't even consider going to a school that featured it.
As an adult, one Saturday afternoon in August 1999, naked, I bent over a bar stool and touched the floor in front of me with the tips of my fingers.
That "hairpin," or "paperclip" position stretched and spread my bare buttocks wide open for total exposure.
Incredibly radiant smile, Dutch pretty, bedroom eyes, the right size to sit on my lap if she had wanted to, sincerely polite, considerate, utterly charming, ever so girlie girl, also naked Leah gave me "six-of-the best."
With black electrical tape I had wound around the stem just before the crook handle so as to give her a good grip on it, and to make it a true English school "Bognor," she used the 5/16" rattan.
This was the first time she had ever even held a cane in her hands, but she knew what she was doing because she had listened to the instructional audio, Miss Marianne Martindale's "The Art Of Caning."
There were six loud cracks. And, six tramlines on my bottom afterwards.
With each stroke, there was a caress across my bare bottom, followed a few seconds later by the pain which went no further than the area struck.
"I am surprised you can sit down," she said.
The thin red lines with ridges stood out for a few days.
By the next Saturday they were absolutely gone.

I am not one of those super-sensitive people who when a tongue goes in my mouth it sends a shock from the very top of my head to the tips of my toes.
What happened to my *** stayed there.
Whenever I sat down, for a couple of days immediately after the incident, I had a mild raw feeling, like something was missing .
I put an extra cushion on my chair.
That solved the problem.
Not a big deal.
There was no other subsequent discomfort than this tenderness.
By getting it as an act of friendship, I conquered that one terror in my life, much like turning snake poison into an antidote.
The experience gave me power and took none away.

It was a totally satisfying experience for Leah, and that makes it totally satisfying for me.
"I liked everything about it," said she. "I stopped only because I felt sorry for you. I didn't use follow through because I didn't want to cut you in two."
Pain, and the possibility of transcendence, there is something empowering about having "survived" a good thrashing!
I feel love for Leah, but it isn't.

It is a unique kind of bonding.

It's like she got a piece of me and made it a part of her, but the piece also grew back quickly and without a trace, and I have a piece of her which I treasure as a part of me now.

A girl is supposed to be non-threatening, she's someone you can hang out with, that's Leah, through and through.
Thirteen years later, sex addict, size queen, grade ten dropout, two kids by two different men, a never wore her seat belt car accident, god knows how many cigarettes, experimenting with drugs to "keep from getting fat," arrested for stealing form her employer, I wonder if she still giggles, and just how aware she is that, as I understand it, no man since has ever been willing to let her do to him anything at all like what she did with me.

Am I a good essayist?
A person who has been caned should have to write an essay about it afterwards.
I haven't been caned again since then, but when it does happen, I am sure I shall have to read this essay out loud, paragraph by paragraph, between strokes.

I do not think of this experience as being either "male" or "female," but rather a playing out of "desire," the only real universal natural category.

Resignation is giving away your power.
Surrender is getting your power back. In no way did I resign myself to the cane, but rather I surrendered myself to it, and just thinking about it right now electrifies me.

She got the right end of the stick for her.
I got the right end of the stick for me.
That cane was just the key to unlock good things for both of us.
I feel closer to women for it.
Three cheers!

This was a carefully controlled experiment in energy transfer which I do not regret, and like many other recipients, in time I grow fonder and fonder of the memory.

A satisfied woman is always an accomplishment to a man who loves them, no matter how long ago it was!

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Good attempt at a story.

My god, your writing talent is simply exquisite. Ma'am, you have a real talent for this business, and if you would like, I'd like to sign you to a contract for about $250K a year starting pay, my number is 8675309 if you'd like more information. Oh, and if I may, I'd like to suggest a way your stories should go; I'd say to steer the direction of your stories towards squids. Yes, squids will do nicely, I think. If you can manage to steer the story towards the subject of squids, you'll have gold. Thank you for your time, ma'am, and I'm sure you won't be sorry.

I'd sure love to be your friend (and victim?)

I wish someone would do that kind of mind **** game with me sounds so hot

That's not a mind **** that's a painful way to lose your balls

are you up for doing it again if so il be up for it you can take photos or film it look forward to hering from you and hoping you do it to me

This bothers me tremendously. I pray its not true.<br />

Why does it bother you when this is a castration topic? Personally I envie the "victim".

I believe this articles are written by very sick men and women.

that is so hot ! You are forever in his mind - he will always remember you and belong to you only :)

you say you wish you took photos when you did this i know i am a long way from you but do plan another trip to states. if i was to travel to your area would you want another chance to get photos?? I have done banding before and always wished to find someone too just let the hour mark pass two hour is better <br />
I am a single male who only wants to serve a lady as her sissy only it is very hard here as i am unable to find ladies who want their own sissy guy in a dress

what did you do with them after they fell off?

me next please so horny thinking about it x

I want to be the next guy you castrate, though I'd hope you had a lot of people watching you castrate me. And that you'd keep me to show off as your eunuch. :)

Awesome! You really like to take a guys balls off, don't you.

Very Scary!