Today Is Your Birthday!

I know, I know. Somehow I can't bear the thought of you spending today alone. So I went and got you a surprise. What is it? oooh well that would ruin the surprise.

I actually thought about it last night, and as soon as I woke this morning, went into action. Like a superhero I picked up the phone! I clenched my teeth and screamed! "Loneliness! I will fight you! You cannot keep my friend in the doldrums!" then I dialed a number.

My henchmen on the other end of the line answered. "Superhero Henchmen Assistance, Number 32 speaking.How may we help you?"
"Yes, This is ZunderWOAAAAH~!!! I'd like to place an order." I exclaimed in superhero type voice.
"Sure, what can we get you?" Number 32 asked politely.
"Give me the Light that shines in the Dark. You know the pinkish one that thwarts the EVIL loneliness. Also include a key to escape the Doldrums." I exclaimed urgently.
"Done and Done. Would you like that delivered today?" replied Number 32.
"Of course! SNAP OUT A RUSH ORDER!" I yelled.
"You superhero's... always so excitable" chuckled Number 32.
"Just rush it" I snapped irritably "This is an important mission, so send your best and don't BOTCH THE JOB!" I yelled happily.
"Fine Fine... it's on the way" Number 32 said.
"Thank you" I replied "Up Up and AWAAAAAAAYYY!" I yelled as I pretended to fly off into the distance.

Enjoy my story, and your gift.
zunderwo zunderwo
36-40, M
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

I'm just glad you like your flowers, and that the surprise worked :D