My Friend Gazza!

Gazza is a friend who loves a new and exciting challenge everyday!  He just needs a little encouragement!  So think up something - a new story, a new ball trick, or a new gesture, and pop it down here.  The catch is, you have to do what ever it is that you challenge him with as well!  

First challenge is to type your name with your tongue!

wildernessgirl - there!  i DID IT!  Ha now your turn!

wildernessgirl wildernessgirl
17 Responses Feb 11, 2010

*smiles* Glad that you know him too. He's great isn't he!

Gazza is one of the most amiable and approachable people on this site. WG, thanks for the encouraging and positive words he deserves it><br />
<br />
I actually guessed right. I am not kidding....:)

Darn I was wrong! I can't believe they threw you out. How unjust. Umph.<br />
I hate washing my car too. I usually just take it to one of those do it yourself car wash places and do it there.

I hadn't washed it for six months till this afternoon, Then I've had to wash it in the rain.

The first time was for never turning up if you didn't go for six weeks you lost your place, The second time was for throwing fireworks in the doorway when it was the girl guides night but it wasn't just me.

OMG! What did you get thrown out for????

I went to the scouts and did get thrown out the last time was permanent.

It's got to be 2. I just can't imagine you getting thrown out of scouts once! Than again, did you really go to scouts ;)...

I've got one for you then.<br />
1 I used to sing in the church choir.<br />
2 I was thrown out of the scouts twice<br />
3 I haven't washed my car in six months.<br />
They're easy are them.

Gazza, I have a challenge for you. You have to come up with two truths and a lie. Right here or in "Two truths and a lie" group before I come back in a couple of days! I'll do one too. I'm a bit addicted to it! Chat to you soon.<br />
<br />
P.S. You also have to guess what of mine are false!

BUT it would be funny though - and a worthy challenge for you - just choose a day when you feel like a day off! I'm ******* myself laughing at the thought!<br />
<br />
lil,True - EWWWW! *washes tongue with disinfectant*

I don't think they'd be very pleased if I went in the office and started licking their keyboards, Apart from anything else they'd think I'd lost it.

Lil - you could always wipe them with a bit of alcohol! (MMMmmmm, hick!) and besides, you wouldn't have germs on your keyboard!<br />
<br />
GAZZA!!! See you can do it! Now I'd love to see you do that at work! That's the next challenge by me! And before you say, I have too too, I have already. I work from home!<br />
<br />
AT - I love surprises! Don't you! You wait until I think of a group for you!

Gazza There that's me done!

Nope. It was fun. My keyboard has never looked so clean! You'll have to have a go!

Nope. Cross my heart and hope to die. Come on! Your turn!

I bet you cheated!