Get Your Thinking Cap On Gaz!

Okay Gaz here is my challenge to you...after one of conversations, I think you need to find an experience group which tell us something we don't know about you, and write a story to go with it!

Looking forward to learning something new about you!

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9 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I don't really know where I'd like to visit in Australia it just looks different to anywhere else in the world.<br />
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My great grandparents went to America for a new life the land of opportunity and all that my great grandfather was a coal miner he went there to work the mines that's how he met his end.

Gazza! See you do have stories in you. You just need to realise that people are interested in what you have to say. You need to draw them out. Pop a bit of honest, emotional, raw guts and feeling into them. The more open you are with people the more response you'll get generally. That's wnat I've found anyway. For instance, I've admitted to people that I've been uncomfortable in social situations before and that has been a bit of a que for people to realise that they are not the only one feeling the same way. Yes, you may be under-appreciated for what you do in your job but how about letting a bit of steam out and telling us about a particular situation or person that has really got on your nerves. Make sure you add all the emotions that you were feeling and what you would really like to have said if it didnn't mean that you would get sacked. I love the photo you have of your grandparents home. What about thinking about what it must have been like, telling us what you know about your grandparents. Imagine what a change it must have been to have immigated to the UK! <br />
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You have lots of interesting things to say Gazza. Believe it of not, I'm only coming out of my shell now. For a very, very long time I never really thought that people were interested in what I had to say. I tend never to get to deep into talking about me, I never want to bore anyone. I tend to just ask lots of questions and re-drect conversation away from myself. I still do that alot.

I can't list 20 thing's I'd do if I wasn't shy because I literally haven't done anything or at least what everybody else takes for granted.<br />
I wasn't really bothered when I got thrown out of the scouts because I never really liked that we never used to do anything or go anywhere, All we did was stay in an old hut all night.<br />
I've often thought about going to Oklahoma to see where my great grandparents went to live even though they weren't there very long but my great grandfathers buried there along with his baby daughter, whether there's still a grave there I don't know but his name should be on a memorial in McAlester.<br />
Failing that Australia would be interesting I don't think theirs another country that comes close.<br />
I don't think I can name anything interesting about my job it's the same day in and day out, You just spend the day rushing about trying to get jobs out and not getting any appreciation for it at all and after all that it ruins your health.

Hmmmm, I can hear the cogs grindling from here! lol.

List 20 things you would do if you weren't shy...point form would do.<br />
<br />
Or how about when you got thrown out of boy scouts - how did that make you feel???!<br />
<br />
Or what about telling us about where you dream of visiting once you get your passport....<br />
<br />
Or what you like about your job....(i know, I know, you don't like it, but there must be some aspects that are good...)<br />
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Try one or even all of those. I'm curious about all of them...

I've been thinking all day.

Well, let's think together than....

No I can't think of anything!

Helloooooooo Gazza??? Are you ignoring Lilly? :)