43 kg.about 163 cm.
everyone say my body is perfect but i dont love it.i feel like im fat.i dont know why :(
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22-25, F
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yeah you should trim down more and then complain being too skinny

Then what you want? 34kg? Lol

Very beautiful girl is dats ya in a second

Since you use kg and cm I'm going to assume you don't live on my street. :(

Erm ... and what he said, too. :/

Hahaha don't worry I agree with you too.

When I was young that's all I dated. Married one. Lasted 7 years. Never got bored with her. If she hadn't fallen in love with someone else ...

But I worked a day job and was lead singer in rock bands at night. I know she got tired of me not being there.

Usually when someone feels fat it's because they have been told to believe that they should weigh less than they do. Skinny isn't necessarily attractive, but confident is always attractive.