I Want to Be Someone Else; Somewhere Else.

Sometimes I wish I could just take the bare minimum; the things that mean the most to me, pack up my car, and leave.  I wish I could start all over again.  I wish I was brave enough to take the risk to change everything.

New life. New job. New home. New Country. New everything.


HerOdyssey HerOdyssey
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5 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I daydream nearly everyday about starting over new. I think you do get stuck in daily habits or feel stuck in the life I have created so far. Maybe one day when the kids are grown....

I agree and relate completely. I like who I am, but I feel caught on the hamster wheel. I've been on a slow and steady purge of belongings and now am feeling the need to speed it all up. I want things around me that I love, not the clutter of obligation. I want to wake up and feel happy with the life I lead.

That is lovely advice only assuming I wasn't comfortable with who I am. After all these years, I can say that I'm okay with who I am. I have many-a-flaw, but I am quite resigned that I am inexorably stuck with myself. :)<br />
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I think the things I want to escape are the things that make my life feel like groundhog day. My job, my relatives, my huge daily commute, my shrinking 401K, people making demands of me, this have-have-have culture, ignorant people and noise.

hippyheart - that's exactly right question to pose & what I wonder about most people on EP. the best way to change the world around us is to change ourselves. because just like you said - no matter where you go - there y-o-u are.

"New life, new job, new home, new country, new everything" . . . Yep, sounds good to me too!<br />
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I'm finishing my social work degree for that new job and just noticed an ad at my university that the UK is actively trying to hire social workers and paying their start up costs for relocation- - - maybe someday.