The Letter "m"

Well, ever since I was 13 I would introduce myself.

"My name is Melissa-Alison"
"Hey Mel"

Mel turns into Melanie. "It's not Melanie."

Frankly, since I've been 8 I've wanted to change my name legally. Going to for my 21st birthday in December. My friends are supportive and excited. It's only just under $200, just a bit of a nuisance to let the bank, landlord, work, etc know.

I like having a short name of Mel, but everyone then assumes it's Melanie and I hate being called Melissa. I have no middle name, just a long, hyphenated name.

I can't wait to legally be Mona. It feels right, it's an embodiment of what I seek.

Some of my friends will still call me Mel, I expect this, it's fine.
toffeeflower toffeeflower 22-25, F 3 Responses Sep 17, 2010

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i love Mona! it's creative, original, and unique! go 4 it girl!!!

Annie? hahaha Weird!!!

Alexander's a gorgeous name, but people will shorten it to Alex, constantly I bet. You're the most impulsive username changer I know, haha.

Thanks! Mona is easier to hear, too. People quite often think my name is "Bell" over the phone. I like the stronger letters in Mona, it articulates better. Plus when someone yells "Mel" or "Melissa" several girls turn around.

Can still get some cute nicknames out of Mona, thinking "Mo" or "Momo" haha.