There's 15 Years Ago That I Haven't Sex

I think it's only my sexual preferences. I can't do anything with a woman ... when i was 12, i looked for women of 25 or 30 years old but after some years spending time, till i was 20 to now, i use to look for a teens girls. I think i'll find love and have great wedding not in EU but in Asia or Africa or ex-USSR. May be i'll be lucky in the future. I really feel that i'm not crazy, i'll NEVER rape anybody, i'm only looking for truly-real Love without rears thinkings

sadlifeman sadlifeman
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 21, 2009

The first step is wanting to change. :)<BR><BR>I would suggest that you do get some professional help with this, Joe. You should stay at EP, it is a pity there is no EP in your language.