May Be It'll Match !?

If I find a woman that i'll be able to make her happy, but at my age everyone of them are married or got a boyfriends, having childs ... So all the "good" ones are already taken by guys. There few months ago, i meet a girl (the sister of the girlfriend of an old friend of mine). I meet her in the street, she's gave me her phone number but she doesn't told me that she have already a boyfriend. She's a marvellous girl. She was okay to have friendship with me, I invited her in a restaurant, but she make a mistake because she gave her phone to her guy. He were reading the sms that I sent, the ones she haven't deleted. There were problems not a biggest that a guy can have, so, after that I let lay down. That was an good occasion, so forget it ... A Zen locution said " If you are looking for something, don't try to find it " I think that signified " everytings comes along, you just have to wait ... Wait and see.

sadlifeman sadlifeman
31-35, M
Mar 1, 2009