I Have Been Transgendered All My Life

I have always felt really feminine and wanted to be a girl.

I know where I should be ... in a dress and heels. All the time.

I know where I am ... androgynous hanging in between.

Knowing and doing are different things.

It's hard to move faster when many are relying on you all the time.

Therapy sessions. Hormone replace ment therapy. Body hair removal.  Breast augmentation surgey. Real Life Test (living as female for 2 years) Sexual reassignment surgery. Possibly facial feminization surgery. Possible voice traning lessons. Legal name change. Changing birth certificate. Changing drivers license. Changing passpost. Changing High Scholl diplomas and College degrees/transcripts. Changing Social Security, military and other records. Keeping current job/profession vs finding a new job/profession.

Then there is the cost involved. Some health insurance covers, parts or all, others cover none.

Daunting to say the least. A process that can take several years or decades for some.

But the initial step is hardest I believe ... coming out.

Telling family, friends and employer exactly who you are and what you are going to do.

Family I believe is the toughest. A deep seated responsibility is always tough to overcome and move in the right direction.

Without family to support you it is not impossible but very tough and lonely.

Knowing that the reactions of some family and friends will be negative is also hard.

Society has 'engineered' a response based on others needs and not the needs of the individual that is impacted the most.

I want a sex change, always have. One day I will reach my goal.

Till then I will move one step at a time, always advancing.

Little things to ssome but for me movement into the body that is truly mine.


Josie06 Josie06
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3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

add me sweetie

We are both so much alike...As I get older and the damage that testoterone has done I have resigned myself to be a old crossdresser. My soul is female and I get bolder over time in buying the things she enjoys her..;-)

add me sweetie

Hang in there honey you are not alone there are more of us out there