After years of turmoil and having a drug addiction and being homeless I am now on my way to beginning my assessment to start my transition . At the moment I am at tafe getting a certificate to become a counsellor to help others in crisis but I would really want to help others who have made the choice to leave their addiction behind .Any way I have been living in my government flat now for the past 2 tears and have decided in the last few months that I want to live as a woman full time I have started living full time already with out waiting for hormone treatment almost every body knows now and there is only a couple of groups that I need to tell .all in good time I think .Yaes people are still surprised when they first see me but initially people are fairly understanding .I love living as a woman and doing all the femme things .I will cross all the bridges as I get to them for my transition to full time is at least a year to 18 months away but I am loving it the waiting is a bit hard to take but I am loving life as a woman
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Good luck on your journey. Only the best.

Savor every moment of the journey. As the saying goes, the reward is in the journey not at the end. As you shed your cocoon and begin to spread your wings you will experience a joy and warmth of finding yourself that is beyond words.<br />
Love,<br />

Thanks girls it is good to know people are intersested

I have my assessment this week for my transition....and going to beginning a tafe course shortly for the same thing Good luck in your studies and on your journey

good luck and bless you on your journey<br />
xoxo honey