Once again Facebook asking me What's on my mind. Dearest, you know?... I haven't words to tell or explain that mess inside of my head. But... Today I want to try. Try to start talk about or just mention although a bit of it. So... here we go.
I'd choose one of the hugest topics, that swirl inside of my brains - The World and people in it. The world is a self-inflicted method of living: People becoming cold and cease to feel because they have been hurt. They better will ignore their own heart whispering which is telling them what to do just because they expect pain to be at the end of that road. Usually, they're hiding under fake smiles...The blindfold of cold indifference keeping them from seeing what is truly happening... They're losing themselves in the boundless universe. People become estranged from the world. Maybe somebody think that growing up means become cold as ice or stop feel something, but it isn't! You know...? Life is how you choose to see it, how you choose to do it. Truly living, being a part of the world is not about hiding our emotions, but to be real and show it to the others, nor is it about keeping distance between yourself and others, but about being able to communicate with people around you, to have friends and be loved by them. It is a sickness that you become afflicted with when you experience hardships... So I am one. I notice I became cold as snow at the winter and out of reach as hardest stone,just because someone have been hurt me... I don't talk to friends like I did before, I just don't want to! Every single morning I wake up I don't want to see anyone, talk to anybody.. And this really sucks! I'm tired of that feeling which force me to become estranged from everyone who try help me, who really cares and love me the way I am. I want feel the same feelings that I felt about year ago. I want back to old myself. I want change... I don't wanna be so selfish and think only about myself and how it'll be better for myself, I wanna care about my friends like I did formerly.. and I need help. I heard that everyone sickness have the way to cure. Some say I need time. Some say cure is the hope.. But I lost hope, because so long time, how hardly wouldn't I want, I can't feel or relate really happening things... or be scared of something really bad happening with me, I can't understand it 'till the end...
WhineWolfe WhineWolfe
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014