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to use a metaphor, imagine that you are caught in a net. All nets have holes, so find one, and jump through it. I've known wives of abusive husbands who found a hole through, say, learning to paint. For them, it was an escape route, and as they made art, their thinking changed from "I am trapped and can do nothing" to "I must be worth more than I imagined, because look at this beautiful thing I created." Escape routes exist along the qualities hidden in consciousness. They include:

--------me:  I have done some painting, though I'm no way an artist. I only do abstract as I can't paint anything like a building or a flower or an animal. I'm not talented and skilled, but abstract is huge right now and it's fun and no one has to know how to paint or how to draw, just put down colours and go with the flow.  The problem need something to paint with and something to paint on. If the man isn't going to give  you any money and the female is unable to have any of her own...painting doesn't work. I have a few paints left but I haven't the  money to pick up canvas. I did see the dollar store has flat painter boards for $2.  I figure I can pick up one each week from the grocery money...though I haven't done that yet.  ...but I'll pick up one or two here and there. 
Creativity. Go beyond by discovery and exploration. This leads to insight. Your inner vision clears. You start to see glimmers of light through the fog of your situation. Something more beautiful starts to attract you, and you want to go toward it.

Intelligence. Let your mind lead the way. You start having newer, more exciting thoughts than the old habitual ones you've been following. Beliefs are challenged. New points of view attract you, so you move toward them. You’ll want to expand your mind in place of living behind defenses and boundaries.

-----------for me, due to my illness the brain fog is...well, like having a head stuffed with cotton and everything is exhausting.  When I feel well enough and not so heavy headed I enjoy reading about health, vitamins, plants, and herbs.---I read articles like the above also and youtube has many self help and meditation videos I listen to.

Love and compassion. Discover that you can forgive yourself and others. Fantasies of hurt and revenge are replaced with emotional softening. You see that there is untapped love around you, so you move toward it. The fact that you desire to love and be loved starts to motivate you, without excuses about being unworthy.
--it's a 24 hour job telling myself that I am worthy, and that someone could maybe love me. I'm not sure what the future holds and what it'll bring, but I know it's best to tell myself I could be loved for who I am, even if I don't get to experience it.

Quantum leaps. Notice—and learn—when you have an epiphany, a moment of dramatic awakening. These are the great "aha" experiences that peel away an entire layer of reality. We say that the heavens open, but really it's a new level of consciousness, one that brings more light.

--------I'm waiting for my Quantum leap :)--

Devotion. Understand that life is full of awe and wonder. From this you see a reason to revere your own existence. You have been placed in a world where you can be devoted to something, and your worship gives you a sense of worth.

These escape routes all lead back to the person you really are, and that person know that what really counts extends far beyond the individual: the glory of creation, the beauty of nature, the heart qualities of love and compassion, the mental power to discover new things, and those unexpected epiphanies that bring the presence of God—these universal aspects are your true source of power. They are you, and you are all of them.

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