H.O.P.E. Institute


This is my submission for the "10^100" Contest held by Google.com. This is only an idea.

Everyone deserves a chance to live a fulfilling life.

H.O.P.E Institute represents HUMANITARIANS giving OPPORTUNITY for POSTERITY in a new age of ENLIGHTENMENT..

 The H.O.P.E. community welcomes you to the Institute for all who suffer from homelessness and wish to begin a new life.

 Our certified professionals work extensively with individuals of any ability and guide them to the correct program placement. On campus housing and classes begin immediately. Adults learn their skill from industry professionals through apprenticeship programs, gaining work experience and earning a modest salary. Even during the developmental stages of the Institute we can give opportunity to students who will work with professionals in all fields of construction. Regular maintenance of the Institute is the responsibility of the students to gain appropriate work experience for their program. H.O.P.E. supports the Arts, physical education and is surrounded by a conservation park. Salary is accumulated throughout their stay and granted upon graduation. The pace of educational programs will depend on abilities of the individual student and will be paired with counseling and appropriate therapies. Drug and alcohol programs are available. Advanced programs and scholarships will be available. Students integrate through fund raising and social functions with the outside community.

 Children are given an excellent education to create opportunity for a bright future. Daycare is on campus and permanent residence for a child without family is available.

 When the student reaches the goal of the Institute they discuss their future plans with guidance counselors and may choose to be placed into an according career or can further their education. Graduates may be invited to return as Teacher's Assistants or may be employed by the H.O.P.E. Institute directly. If the graduate is in need of permanent care of any kind H.O.P.E. will make all arrangements with personal support workers. Permanent residence and Psychiatric care for students unable to move on further will be available on campus.


H.O.P.E. Institute is a place for refuge, education, opportunity and recovery for all who suffer from homelessness. Children all over the world  are hospitalized and abandoned because of disabilities and are being mistreated. This needs to end.

This program is designed for any person who is without necessity, has no means of providing for themselves and who is without opportunity for change and any child who is without a family and is need of a safe, education and positive environment.

H.O.P.E. Institute will create permanent employment opportunities for a vast amount of professionals such as physicians, dentists, social (service) workers, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, educational assistants, personal support workers, etc. All apprentice-able occupations will be available such as construction, industrial, motive power and service sectors (programs depend upon the students individual curriculum for the term). Volunteers are always welcome.

Advertisements need to be posted throughout hostels, soups kitchens, Project share, Salvation Army, newspapers and billboards to spread the word of H.O.P.E.'s existence. A toll free number from designated payphones would be connected to contact H.O.P.E.. Volunteer bus drivers drive to designated stops to gather people and bring them to a seminar and screening  to make sure their need is legitimate. The seminar will explain the goal of the H.O.P.E. Institute.

A university size building would be needed for the institution which is suitable for workshops, classrooms, daycare, dormitories, and permanent living facilities for adults and children. Volunteers, donations and sponsors are necessary for the development of H.O.P.E. institute such as bedding, furniture, school and office supplies, advertisements, laborers, building supplies, materials, etc.

Other programs which are not apprentice-able need to be taught by volunteers such as graduates in the arts, culture, and physical education.


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