Our Future

It's a shame that nobody really stands up to fight for our future. Look around and then ask yourself what you see. I can tell you what I see, schools who don't care about our children, the government saying it's not alright for us to discipline our own children but here send them off to boot camps for kids and let them mistreat them, lets support the  brats who have everything and like to hurt the ones who doesn't. When will it stop, I  mean come on people, the future is literately in our hands and all we are doing is throwing it away. I see kids walking down the streets shooting others, beating up little kids doing and selling drugs and nothing is being done about it.  I will tell you why, everyone says that children are learning violence and everything else from t.v. but thats because they don't want to take the time to teach them how to act or how to be themselves. You see young adults living in crap and having babies that are just being taken by the state cause their house is too nasty, thats because the parents didn't teach them how to make it in this world and when they tried it was too late. These children need to learn from us how do make it. If you think about it back when our parents were just kids and their parents were, they grew up so much better.  The world is getting worse and there is a reason, it's our fault, our governments fault. The government cares to much about their money to even help the country and  todays parent that are actually caring enough to bring their kids up are to scared cause they might loose their kids for disciplining them

robsangel2008 robsangel2008
22-25, F
Aug 20, 2008