I Have Answers

Yeah, I have nice things, a house, food, and an education but my happiness isn't there. I have so many answers to the world's problems but in the US our government is too perverted to do anything. I would give up everything I have to go help those in poverty. Everything, and I wouldn't even look back at the country and people that have done nothing but hurt me and hold me back. But, I am just one person that has no connections to anyone, I'm at a dead end. Things need to be done.  

clyde666 clyde666
18-21, F
4 Responses Sep 3, 2007

Check out my story or search for Jacques Fresco on YouTube. He has the answers.

Maybe you should make your own connections.. Speak out and people may listen.

You actually don't know ****. You think your vague concepts are actually meaningful?

May I suggest reading one of my experiences titled: I believe Change Happens In The Mirror... read it first then I would like to hear your thoughts.. *smiles*