I Want to

i want to change into something im not i feel i will lose my friends doing this but i want to be difrent its the only way i will get noticed these days thats pritty much why i chage. so i am noticed but i want to stay the same and be noticed i want people to say some thing to me or evan look at me but do they no they treat me like i dont exist untill i do stupid things to make them laf i dont mine but i feel a bit used but maby thats me i dont know but i wanna fix this i dont wanna have to change for people to talk to me its the only way i make new friends because i never start convos or make the first move.
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18-21, M
1 Response Aug 16, 2007

Don't change just because someone else wants you to, but do it because u want to and be the you that u are happy being