And Not Come Back.

I want to dream of more and chase it.
I want to run and leave behind the past that pursues me.
I want to hope for a brighter tomorrow.
I want to leave the guilt and pain behind.
I want to love out of choice not out of burden or guilt.
I want to roam free and leave behind all the possessions that actually own me.
I want to chase that rainbow in an endless adventure and never return.
If I dare to dream, one day I will dare to do.
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41-45, M
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This is beautiful, you are a great poet

thank you. you are very kind.

Life is Illusion, the Gaming-Story ("Once Upon A TIME") of one's Soul-Journey Upon The Path. The Creational Field~Realm is Binary, Dual WaveFlow & Polar Particle, or Duality/Polarity, The ImBalance Field called Life & Afterlife (repeat ad infinitum). The Plane of Balance Projects these Two States as InVolutional & Evolutional, which are EXperienced as the InterActive Spheres 1 & 2. The In-Between (Vesica-Pisces) is The Lens (Two Faces, Inwards & Outwards) which Casts The RainBow of Awareness Upon The Waters of Consciousness. These Two Spheres are Action-VOID(ance)-ReAction (Secondary cause & Effect), which Are Double-Sealed by the E-M Barrier-Shields, Impermeable, Impenetrable... These Are the Shell-Crust (matter) & Shell-Membrane (energy). As Consiousness Grows Its Seed of Being-Presence, the "plant" (lifeform) Grows thru Three Stages of Awareness: Bole, Flower, Fruit. This is the "3 + 1" or Creational Process. Many Stages are encountered, each passed only with achievement of Understanding of Archetypic Principle which Advances the Soul (Soil/$Oil) To Higher Levels (e.g., roots, trunk, branches, leaves, buds, flowers, fruit, ripened fruit/succulence). Now, The Inner RainBow Appears. "As Above, So Below; As WithIN, So WithOut." The RainBow is Your Seven Colors of the Dual sSelf... Cast It Upon The Waters (Abyss) of Your Consciousness ("To Gain ALL, All Must Be Freely Given UP," when Ready)... This Creates The RainBow Bridge of OneSelf: "Through The Fire, Over The River, Across The RainBow Bridge" - Upon The Other Side is The 3rd Sphere (Causal), where the Silvered-Goldened "Pot Of Gold" is Truly Found... YourOneSelf & The Pearl of Great Price: PureLovePower (TRINITY). Careful, there be Monsters along the Way. ("Every Unity Is Also A Duality" - Eloise Franco, Yin-Yang.) ... Your Poem was InSpired by The 3rd Presence, The Hidden LYght of The Equilibrium Plane... The "E-Den" or 3rd Sphere - Immanent. The Process is known as Achieving "The MORE" - & There Is NO ReTurn To Duality, ForEverMore. kNow Is "The Time." ("And They BeCame ALIVE-As-One Happily EverAfter.")

wow that is so enlightening thank you very much for sharing the info slayerss. appreciate your comment very much and will re-read it once i wake up a bit to better digest it.

My brother.. this is such a beautiful statement and it rings so true. I am so happy for you and how far you have come. Each statement is a beautiful affirmation of what your future holds. remember YOU have the choice to make your life what you want it to be. You are no longer tied down to the past and You have a beautiful Sparkling future . I am so proud of what you have acheived. Having someone who is right there beside you to help you, makes me so happy.

Thanks so much my dear sis =) I want things to be better. I guess ive been more worried about other matters of late. Im enjoying finding some balance and positivity this week. Im still a mixed bag but the balance is shifting at least.

A sparkling future does sound so lovely sis =) Thanks for your comment.

Love it, bro!!! And that last line is so incredibly true. *hug* The pic is amazing too!

*hugs* dear sis. thanks so much Im feeling a lot better already. less hideaway (so me lol) and more pro-active. the pic is gorgeous. i have to give credit to supermandc for that one. I thought what a good idea when he put one in his story here and did the same. his idea really and a really good one for this group i think.
peace be with thee dear sis. thanks for your comment

it's a great poem did you ever think of putting your poems in a book

wow thats such a nice thing to say thank you. like that avy. actually this was more an affirmation than poem but i did fill a book with poems when i was about 17. I havent really written much since then due to other interests, apart from the 3-4 on EP and one private one. Its really nice to see peeps enjoying it. Its just something I needed at the moment and having it here makes for easy access and someone else may find it useful. thanks so much for your kind comment. =)

awwwwww you amaze me

and you inspire me. ;)

I like this poem very much :) :) :)

thank you so much. most kind of you to say. =)

It is a wonderful poem you are so welcome

I LOVE that last line!! I believe it too!

Thanks sierra =) Im carrying a heavy burden atm and need to learn to only feel guilty for what im responsible for. I am blessed to have many people and one in particular helping me find my way out of it. This I guess was a bit of a personal affirmation and one i plan on returning to when I need to.
Im naturally a sunny person and its hurting me not being there.
Thank you so much for your comment my friend =)

Your working on your burden and moving forward......You'll get where you want to be. I got TOTAL faith in you!!
Having a sort of daily mantra helps a lot. It keeps you focused on your goal.... It ROCKS to have folks behind you too. Especially a "special" person who is cheering for you and helping you thru. :)

yeah i made myself a "promise of performance" when i was about 21 that was so helpful. This is nowhere near as comprehensive but its a good start. =) Thanks again my cheerful buddy.

Awww hugs and hugs....I gotta a feeling that someday soon you'll be pretty darn, cheerful yourself...... I see it starting already!! It makes me smile too. :)

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