My Wife

I'd love to chat with anyone about my/your wife. I get really turned on doing this, discussing our sex life and our photos..
Get in touch....
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12 Responses Sep 24, 2012

me too, we have the same fantasies

yes add me as welli enjoy the same as you

add pics!!

Like my wife.. she has no idea.. but at the same time likes things.. We have play involving another man.. never ever another female with me.. that seems taboo.."to her",
yet she likes the idea of another male somehow getting past her conservative stance..
her being, "taken without consent".. Her fantasy.. of being ******..and she is conservative..
You would never know this..

Does she agree with what you are doing?

That is cool too. Both scenarios have their charms.

add me on YIM lonelydxb2012

I'm always UP for wife chat.

Thanks for the comments on wife's pics. Be happy to chat on YIM, id is jeffies69

Me too

I'm up for chat. My wife is passed but most of my girlfriends and I have good sex stories I got kik as rd4133,and Skype dogman878

yahoo andy_p31 same goes for the rest on here, just let me know where you found me

Wow! Would love to do the same. Add me and we'll chat!

Hit me up I would love to chat about her!