SEEKING Pentecost Members

I would like to talk to other ep pentecost members; I would love to chat with you, discuss our beliefs, encourage each other and answer each others general questions!  I guess I am just hungry for faith interactions! Who feels the same? Thank you for any imput you may care to give

God Bless Everyone! 

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Hi there! I would like to start interacting with anyone who are an apostolic pentecostal. I will explain for this reason. Right now I am on vacation. I will be back when I get home. Thank you. By the way, I am new to this site for the first time today.

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I know; one of my sons-in-law actually ran out of the church! He was slain in the spirit and would not come back to church again for over a year! He finally admitted it was a very scary experience for him; he said he saw and felt flames! This is something that I have never heard of before or since! I have often been slain and fallen in places and ways that one would think (someone who has never experienced it) that I would be injured from hitting something; not so; I never feel anything much and often I feel a softness or a floating feeling!<br />
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And I DO remember the first time I received the holy spirit and spoke in tongues! I tried my best NOT TO, but I had NO control; I could not even sit down in the pew until GOD had finished!

Oh yes, I've been to Pentecostal churches before! That doesn't shock me, I was raised around it! <br />
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I've seen the shock on peoples faces when they hear tongues being spoken, people dancing, or especially when they see someone "slain in the spirit" <br />
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Some people just can't handle it!!

Hey, Winter! Do you like to talk religion? Have you ever been to a Pentecost Church? Some people really freak out when someone in the church starts talking in tongues, which I have! A lady, whom I adored, left and refused to come back after I spoke in tongues! She said it was nothing against me; she had been to a church that worshiped satan before! I told her that this was not satanism; she just said that she knew that but just did not want to come back! I never could convince her; the pastor said that it was best just to LET GOD and that I did nothing wrong!

I'm non-denominational, is that close enough? :)