At first i thought me wanting to be a sissy boy was just a phase and will get over it .I have often thought of how it would be like to be someones sissy being dominated .I'm not sure if it's because of my strong fem side or what but everyday the feelings and urges get stronger .i better close before this turns into a mini novel
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Yes I know all the ins and outs of being a complete sissy.

Hi, when I was younger I thought the feeling would pass also, but it just got stronger over time. Now I'm in love with this lifestyle.

All that I can say is that i stumbled onto the path and now i want more and more... I must have 50 pairs of panties, 6 sexy dresses and 3 bikinis that i want to wear with my real implants that seem imminent. Whew.. I would have never guessed this feeling could be so strong.

I have just carved a pair of Daisy Duke shorts. Wowser they are teasing my inner sissy into ecstasy. I will have photos on my profile.

i found a web site called locked in lace..

Hi i feel t same way. bi sissy baby. in need ov dom. mm )

Haha I already made a mini novel about that and to be honest, I'd love to be a dominant's submissive sissy boy! cx

Mmm me too ))

Hi yer iam uk versiton. lol

Just roll with it and do what makes you happy. You will end up asking yourself "what if" when you are 50+. Enjoy you!

I am about to meet my future dominant daddy to teach me how to be in tune more with my body and feminine side. I am turned on by how tone my body is, becoming feminized is a way for me to get the attention I deserve with my sexy body. I'm a straight male who is very open minded and curious and will try new things. I'm excited for what he has talked about and how in control he will be with me to bring out the femininity in me. I have a corset and black shiny stockings but that's it for dress up...
I'm excited for what he has for me ad for ideas of what to wear and how to act and appreciate my dom.

I am new to being a sissy and i wouls love to chat and hear what he has taught you

I have had Bi sexual tendencies for years, almost as long as I can remember, but never really did anything about it, other than brushing it off as a phase or some light experimentation when a teenager.The older I have got, the more this has consumed me. Anyhow to cut a long story short, I have now developed into what I really love. I am now a Sissy ****. I tried just cross dressing, but that was not enough for me, I wanted more humiliation and to be degraded, used, abused and exposed. So I started dressing in stockings, high heels and just putting on a see through baby doll and then late in the evening I would stroll in the park and even street, take my coat off and just walk with that amazing feeling as a pathetic sissy ****, in many ways hoping somebody would see me and likewise use me. I have had a few bi sexual experiences, mainly sucking other men and they do me. But now I want to used totally, I want a man or men who will treat me as their **** as they wish.
I have advertised for a master and too date haven't really found a serious one. Lately I have found myself, doing what I want my master to do! I am now degrading and exposing myself online, and I love it. I no longer, hide my face, I want to be open. I have even posted my real name and some details. It's the most amazing buzz, it's almost indescribable. My perfect dream, is for my master to know every detail about me, my life, my family, my work, my friends etc and then I know, I must do all possible for him as he has the power to destroy me. I await this day with great enthusiasm and anticipation. I'm hoping some masters will read this and find the **** and slave of their dreams. Love Dave

Chat with me anytime, misscdlee at yahoo dot com

Same here

im a sissy boy im willing to chat wth u

I love being a sissy and getting dominated by both women and men. Being submissive is hot because it's so humiliating to me. I love when women and men tease me by calling me a sissy, ******, etc. and dress me up in slutty outfits. During the summertime, I love being around my bi guy friends while just wearing a bikini. They are all so manly and strong, and there I am in a slutty thong bikini. I feel so inadequate around them and things get even better when they make me service them with my mouth and body. As a sissy, I feel truly fulfilled when men use me like a woman, and when women dominate me by ******* me with strap-ons and whipping and spanking me.

hello...if you are interested to be my sissy you can add me on yahoo or skype miss.denise4

Since my ex-girl caught me wearing her square dance dress and full petticoat, she has since made me wear her clothes for now on. That includes dressing as a girl 24/7. When I'm at home I'm always wearing panties and bra with silicone breasts. I must wear a dress with her petticoat underneath, nylons and 3" heels. I have to always wear makeup, ear studs and jewelry. I have to look like a girl, not a guy in a dress.

To be dominated by a girl and to be a sissy is hard work. You have to become a girl, you have to look like and act like one 24/7, there are no exceptions.
You have to do anything your dominated girl wants you to do, no matter how humiliated it will make you. You will have no say in who you are, you are hers to command.
I have been a sissy girl for 20+ yrs now and I am a girl in every way, I am only genetically a guy. I look and act like a girl all the time, I dont own any guy clothes, only dresses, skirts, lingerie is in my closet.
You will have to be a girl in public too, so remember that when you wish to be a sissy too.
When I first come into the room where there are girls & guys sitting, they are smiling and nice to me until they see me close up, then they start to giggle as they see I'm a guy in a dress. I dont have many friends since I have become a girl, but at least I am the main attraction of any party.

I will help you bring out your true sissy boy side, write to me DADDY

Dont need help being a sissy I am a sissy.

I want you to write to me as a little girl of 12 who I force to dress as a girl, you call me Daddy and I have just made your little ore pee ***** for the first time, it went all over Daddy's hand, Daddy calls you Jenny!!! Write to Daddy now please Jenny

If you want yo chat sweety just send me a message. X

Yes yes yes, lets chat about sissy things anytime. misscdlee is my email address at yahoo dot com.

If you really truly want to be a sissy, then you need to be able to give head as much as getting your arse pegged, You also have to like being dressed as girlie as much as possible and go out in public and don't mind people laughing and humiliating you.

A sissy always has a frillie dress on even when out in public. You have to love it so much that you don't care what people think of you.

I know this cause I'm a true sissy like the above.

Love for you to make me

Hi Honey

If you still want to chat about being a sissy, leave me a post.


Yes yes yes, lets chat about sissy things anytime. misscdlee is my email address at yahoo dot com.

I AM NOT GAY!! my wife loves to tell what to do and when I should do it. I like that roll, her telling me what to do. she calls me names like sissy **** ******. I am sure if it was not taboo, she would have me on a leash when we go shopping. she commands me. I like that. she has started to have her friends over. not just her girl friends, but also their boyfriends./ girl friends I give all the guys BJ.s while everyone watches. they call me a sissy

Thats great to here. I'm glad I'm not the only sissy pleasuring guys.

We all know sissy will do things for men that wives and girlfriends won't, and we love it..giggle giggle


This is wear I started too,I too wore lingerie under my guy clothes to work. And only dresses around the house, then as my girl got bored with the same thing everyday, she started to add toys, like butt plugs. My girl told her best friend, then more of my friends. eventually she told my boss and I was let go from my job. <br />
<br />
Over the years She started treating me more like a sissy than a cross dresser. She thot is was fun to show me off to everyone she knew. She liked it when she broke me down to crying like a baby. She began bring home a few gay guys and they did me in my rear as a total humiliation and amusement for her and her friends. <br />
I've been so totally humiliated in front of all my guy & girl friends so many times, that I have no one to turn, I don't have any close friend anymore. Everyone that knows me tease and laugh at me when they see me.<br />
Don't get me wrong I like the feel of girls clothes just like any other cross dresser, but just never imagined it could go this far.<br />
A word of caution from a friend, make sure when you wish for something that you really want it. It may just come true

It is wonderful. Be careful. The person you submit to must accept your limits. Have a wonderful time dressed up and on your knees.

I know what you mean about the stronger and stronger urges every day- trust me u are not the only person in your situation- I am as well

Wonderful for you sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />