I Did Not Know About This Disease Lymphedema What A Shocker.

I am 77 and of course haveing trouble with body parts. It seems that the complete hip replacement in 2005, is possibly defective. It keeps jumping apart does not feel great & messes up my trip for tv dancing show..oh well. Now to the nitty gritty on April fools night I had to make emergency room trip. I noticed my left leg started hurting more than usual..well looked down and darn thing was twice it's norm. Scared the devil out of me..made it to church that next Sunday.I was given several possibilities of what it could be..many teas diagnosed that it was indeed .. Lynphedema. The papers were grabbed up my kiddos and promtly put somewhere out of my usual place ofthe kitchen counter. Well you can imagine my surprise when on 15 days later I decided to see the front of what I was writing on. I did what most of us probably did..looked it up on my computer. Well that took up most of the evening when it was too late to talk with anyoneabout anyone about my discovery. I did not sleep all night. It was Saturday..all doctors closed till Monday..walked in a stouper all weekend. My kiddos had never even looked at the diagnosis or instructions. Gee were they surprised. My Dr. determined on Tuesday that it was no big deal,,"Don't worry aboudit!"easy for him to say not his body. Got same reaction when I called the emergrncy room next night when both lrgs and Knees were quite a pair to see. Am going to find a Dr. for that problem. Any suggestions? Vickie77
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Do I just sit and wait for someone to chat (type) back? Vickie77