Cheating Is Fun!

I am a married wife and lets just say thatI have a very active sex life that doesn't alway include my husband. Don't get me wrong now, theres nothing at all wrong with him but sometimes the needs are just not being met at all! I have always enjoyed lots of boyfriends, and when I got married I saw no need to stop this. Why? well because i can. I absolutely LOVE the feeling of getting away with doing something naughty! The intensity of possibly getting caught and or being so raw/raunchy with someone thats not my normal partner makes my blood rush, and my juices flow with unbridled excitement. Knowing that at any moment he can pull in the driveway and I have to rush some stud out the window or spirit him out the back door drives me over the top.

One day I was taking a particularly well built gym trainer (love that gym membership hubby got me!) in my kitchen as I heard the car pull in the driveway. I threw my arms around his neck and told him to grab his gear as I held on till the last second, all the while he was still thrusting deep into me right up until he went out the back door. Did I mention he was black and hung like a horse? That just excited me more that he was black, it made it sooo much dirtier!! When hubby came in the front door for lunch I was putting my robe on, and grinning. When he asked what I was so happy about I told him that I had just gotten off with the gym, and they were checking to see if my trainer was meeting my needs? (Oh was he meeting them!) Hubby asked if he was, and I said "yes he seems to be reaching the spots I need work on." Oh what a dirty, nasty, and oh so thoroughly turned on girl was I when I said that and realized he suspected nothing!

Now I do insist on protection, Im a nymphomaniac, but not a fool. I do have high standards and I am very picky when it comes to picking a stud from the herd, but lets just say that I have no plans on stopping or slowing anytime soon. AND, I think I will add more black men, as it really turned me on to add more than one taboo to the mix. theres my story, now I'm just waiting for the hate mail to start.

**** Wife In The South!
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I had a friend give her ex husband herpies she told she used protection.

Got no hate here, girl!!

I admire you ...

Whatever works for you darling...

That is a very hot story! Love the visuals:)