Do I Dare...

So . this guy on FB I Use to kick it to like 10 years ago found me and want to see me . I have since married and had two kids .But he was like the best at the stuff .He would by me the best gifts and take me out to eat , an to the movies , my only problem with him was he wanted kids and marriage and at the time aI didn't ,  So I married the fool I have now who does none of that . We would **** every where , I remember on time we got blowed and woke up butt necked in the park the police didn't even give us a ticket .We would go to a bar and do it in the bathroom, we would do it in the elevators , I can even remember doing it at my job on am exam table .I would have lunch at his job and do it in his office , he would lick ever part of me in my car , at crowded restaurants under tables . I want to have lunch with him next week  but I think It may lead to rehashing the past. I have an escape plan into play for leaving my husband but it will not be for a while  and if I go down this road I know that I will never leave my husband I don't talk to him anyways and I would never have sex with my husband ever, so If I was getting my brains fu**** out . I would probably laugh when MY husband **** me off . HELP HELP HELP . It is so hard to stay focused . Please keep in mind I haven't had sex since October of 2011.
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what is your escape plan

I think you should enjoy some great loving on the side.