A Start

I am a non smoker but I used to live in a household of smokers.

I can see how difficult it is to try and stop. Once you're hooked, that's it. A long way before you can really stop and stay a non smoker. So far I know about a handful people who are able to stop and stay non smokers.

I lost my father to a cancer caused by his smoking and he was only 49 years old then. It seems such a shame that someone should have his or her life cut short that way.

I started this group because this is what I can come up right now. There is no sure fire way to stop. Yet. But I'll start with cheering and encouraging those who are already on their way to becoming non smokers.

Go you guys!!!

june1999 june1999
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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Aw. So nice to have someone call me kid :)<br />
<br />
Just this afternoon I went for lunch with some of my (older) cousins and one of my aunts. We got into talking about a sensitive family matter and one of them caught herself before speaking, asking if 'they' (meaning my sister and I) knew.<br />
<br />
My aunt said it was fine. And then she teased us, "After all, you're still kids to me (probably meaning we're not likely to judge!). It's fine if you know about this."

Thanks June you are such a great kid!