New Meaning to Going Postal ....

This office echos like no other office I've been in.  You can hear a mouse fart in here!!  I also have to type some while here.  My keyboard has a squeeky space bar, which drives my co-worker in the next office simply batty!  He's FOREVER commenting about how much it squeeks.  DEAL WITH IT!!  I've tried cleaning it, I've tried banging on it, I've even asked for a new one .. notta.  So .. do like I do, and suck it up and ENDURE!! 

We've covered that this office echos.  So ... going to the restroom is something EVERYONE hears.  The other day, co-worker spouts off about how OFTEN I go.  Umm .. coffee runs through me, sorry I inconvience you with the sounds of me pee'ing.  So .... I start turning the water faucet on, so he can't hear me going.  This morning he says, "I told the boss the other day I can just hear his water bill going "cha-ching" everytime you go to the bathroom since you insist on turning the faucet on" .....  Umm ... dude!   Deal w/ it!!  Leave your lil comments to yourself, and just FREAKIN DEAL!! 

Maybe I should comment on how often, and how LOUD he yawns, or how LONG he stays in the bathroom ... or how many times he visits the Lil Debbie cabinet in one day.  Or maybe I should tell the boss how often he sleeps during the day at his desk.  Or how much he's on the phone w/ his buddies while the boss is out.  Think he'd like that??

UGG!  Is it 5 o'clock yet?!?!

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1 Response Apr 18, 2007

sounds like maybe you need a need job lol