How Stupid Are They!?

Seriously, I have to run the supermarket on my own a lot of the time and I just cannot believe how stupid some of my co-workers are. They lack a gene called common sense!! I feel like I have to babysit them, honestly they are like a bunch of Forest Gumps on sleeping tablets they are so dozey. I just want to scream at them - USE YOUR EFFING BRAIN FFS!!!! They can't think forthemselves, I may as well do everything myself, some are okay but most of them need a kick up the (_;_)!! I can't help but think that people come in, see all these stupid people and think I'm just the same - I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people are way older than me too - and some how that makes it worse for me, I shake my head in disbelief at the things they ask me sometimes. I show them how to do something ten times and they still don't get it - I'm not saying I know everything or I'm perfect but they drive me mad. I always get called to help one of them out every five minutes, usually when I've just lit a cigerette or about to have something to eat. WOW - anyway, I feel a little better now lol
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1 Response Oct 7, 2007

My release is my karaoke machine - I just get on it and express myself with singing, it really helps me loads - music is definately my release.<br />
Tiamichele - What can I say??? Same here they find the hardest and slowest way of doing something!! I'll sometimes jump on a till and serve like five people to their every one!!! Drives me mad!!