Pervets - Chasing Stories And Fantasies Of Sex With Kids

Today by reading some people expereinces came cross this story about sex and how father see his two little teenager girls ..... etc I was so sex left my own thoughts and walked

then I came cross a fan wanted to be in my circle, to be followed with his message on my whiteboard

EP Link

i reported this bloody bastard by the way

Anyway, I could beleive he took the initiative to add me in and then ask me or give me lecture ...... so I did what I think is write, told him my throughts blunt, reported him and blocked him

But as father, which I would kill for my child, simple **** the law, someone come near her and he is dead, the police would be his safe heaven if he is smart enough, but we adults and lots of us want fun, share may be sexual fantasy, but the real adults will never use their child ..... and i hope the decent people on this site really start with me kicking them out. I know what EP stand for but freedom and expressions doenst mean we abuse and entitle the dream of sex with kids
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thanks for comments<br />
friends, only way we stop is we do something and make sure website management do something as well all your friends help, yes nice dropping notes but that is not stopping them, please give it your attention we have childrens

Except Alabama, Utah and Texas. 14 year olds can get married in those states, they are fair game! Just kidding of course!

Adults are fair game, do what you with with whom and as long as everyone is happy, have a good time. Children and teenagers are off limits, don't even think about it.

I have no problem with what adults do,-----BUT, children are the future and they MUST be protected !!!<br />
I too, support kicking them out of the EP family !!<br />
<br />
My wife and I, support a little girl { her picture is on my site }. Her mother is a crack user and little Emily Ann, had seizures the minute she was born....My wife Carol and I now support this little girl { she lives in a sort of group home },,and Emily wlll NEVER want for nothing when she gets older !!<br />
She will know what love and respect is and how to give it in return....<br />
<br />
Praise God for the little children !! We do live a very different lifestyle, however, that does mean that we do not want to protect our children as well as yours......<br />
<br />
<br />
Master Giley

I see this far too much as well. I had someone tell me to suck my 2 year old sons ****!!! How low is that? Now if more people will flag these profiles perhaps we can get this taken care of.